"Sadaqah Sprouts" Garden Club: Opening Ceremony

23 May 2024
"Sadaqah Sprouts" Garden Club: Opening Ceremony

We were delighted to inaugurate our Primary lunchtime Gardening Club, "Sadaqa Sprouts," inspired by the values of charity and stewardship in Islam on Monday, 20th May 2024.

This special club, open to students from Years 3 to 6, encourages each year level to take responsibility for their own garden bed, nurturing it with care and dedication. At the launch, guest speaker and hobby gardener Mr Omar shared valuable insight on the essentials of gardening, emphasising the importance of caring for Allah’s creation.

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The students were deeply engaged and excited to embark on this rewarding journey, embodying the spirit of sadaqa through their efforts. We look forward to our little seeds sprouting soon, inShaAllah and sharing the fruits of our labour.

  • Zozan Ibrahim Year 4A Classroom Teacher Email Zozan Zozan Ibrahim
  • Zaynab Allouche Year 3 Team Leader Year 3B Class Teacher Email Zaynab Zaynab Allouche