Year 5 and 6G: "Speaking Up" resilience workshop

2 June 2022
Year 5 and 6G: "Speaking Up" resilience workshop

Our Student Support Department recently had the great pleasure to welcome back renowned TEDx speaker Jo Evans on campus to host a Resilience Program for Year 5 and 6 students.

The topic for the first of a workshop series was "Do you want to be a confident speaker?", and the question put forward to students was: ‘Why is it important for you to be a confident speaker?’

The session called “Speaking Up” is a Resilience Programme that teaches students to speak up for themselves, for others and for their ideas. It gives students a taste of public speaking and the opportunity to acquire vital communication skills to present on stage. Jo Evans allowed students to reflect on their personal experience and their need for developing and enhancing their communication skills and resilience.

View more photos here.

The engaging session was enjoyed by both students and the Year 5/6 girls' teachers as they look forward to the next session in June, where we hope all the girls will be confident enough to present on stage.

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