Principal’s Welcome Message

3 February 2020
Principal’s Welcome Message

Welcome back to school to all our families with a very special welcome to our new parents and students as well.

I would like to commence by thanking Allah (swt) for showering His blessings on our community, and then the school community and others who came together on the school grounds, for Salatul Istisqa earlier this month. This was a special prayer asking Allah (swt) for rain, and to ease the devastation of the bushfires that have ravaged many parts of Australia.

On behalf of the College management, I would like to offer our sincere duas and thoughts to all those who have been affected and extend our heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers, rescue workers, and firefighters who have risked their lives to protect others. This is the true Aussie spirit and indeed the spirit of a true Mo’min, to be selfless in benefitting others.

Many of you would also be concerned by the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. Whilst we are remaining vigilant and informed by Government advice on this matter, we do ask that if you may have come in contact with any suspected cases, that you and your family refrain from attending the school for the next two weeks. Please provide us with an email with the details of your child so that we can record the absence as an explained absence.

On a more positive note, it was wonderful to see so many parents attend our Meet and Greet the Teacher session on last Tuesday, 4 February. In the digital technology rich era that we live in, nothing beats communicating face to face in building stronger relationships. We value the partnership between home and school and view it as a necessary support for our students.

We are also extremely excited to see our Year 3 to 6 students and staff settling in the brand new orange Learning Neighbourhood building. The final touches are currently being applied on the outside of this purpose-built learning environment and are expected to be completed within the next few weeks, inShaAllah.

Curriculum and Learning Evenings

A major focus for us this year will be raising student achievement and improving academic results. For this reason, in addition to the informal Meet and Greet, we will also be having Curriculum and Learning Evenings for both Primary and Secondary. This is to provide information on what we are doing to ensure that your child has the best possible opportunity for success in their Primary, Secondary and VCE achievements. The sessions are scheduled for:

  • Secondary: 7:00pm to 8:30pm on Tuesday, 18 February
  • Primary: 7:00pm to 8:30pm on Thursday, 20 February

Comments / Suggestions / Concerns

If there are any matters you would like to address beyond the scope of the interactions with your child’s teacher, then feel free to drop an email to Customer Care at We also love to hear your positive comments and feedback as well – this helps to keep us motivated as we navigate the many challenges that are the norm of a typical school environment.

Better Together

Once again, I would like to welcome you all to the new school year and very much look forward to working with each and every one of you to help educate and nurture the next generation. Let’s work together in achieving amazing results for our children and building a stronger community. Our motto for this year is “Better Together” and whilst it may mean different things to different people, for us at Al Siraat, it means that we depend on supporting each other in order to get the much needed help from Allah (swt).

May Allah (swt) make this year prosperous for us all and enable us to become better versions of ourselves in order to please our Maker – Ameen.