Excellence Academy at Al Siraat

2 August 2019
Excellence Academy at Al Siraat

We are excited to launch the Excellence Academy at Al Siraat College! The Academy will offer specialized programs to enhance the learning skills and abilities of our students.

Term 3 Course:

Enhanced Memory and Retention | Enhanced Reading and Comprehension:

Enhanced Memory and Retention

Students will learn and train in a variety of scientifically proven methods to enhance their memory, empowering them to remember and recall large amounts of information quickly and accurately. This training will assist them throughout their education and in every area of life. Imagine if you never had to write down a name or number…!

Enhanced Reading and Comprehension

This training enhances the student’s ability to comprehend text more quickly and efficiently, while also increasing reading speed. This will help them get through books and large pieces of text in a shorter amount of time, with less effort, and a high level of understanding and retention.

Duration: August 13- September 12

Frequency: 3-4 days a week

Time: 25-30 minutes at lunch

Application Deadline: Form filled and signed by Thursday, August 8


  • Students must be in Years 9-11
  • Agreement form signed by student upon acceptance (to express commitment to schedule and rules)
  • Regular attendance with required resources

There are limited seats available for this program, so please complete and send the form as quickly as possible!

  • Mufti Aasim Rashid Islamic Education & Programs Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Mufti Aasim Mufti Aasim Rashid