International Chemistry Quiz 2023

4 October 2023
International Chemistry Quiz 2023

We are pleased to inform the Al Siraat community about the wonderful achievement of our Secondary students: A total of 50 students from Year 7 to 12 participated in the International Chemistry Quiz competition 2023.

  • Two students have achieved a High Distinction (HD), placing them in the top 10% statewide.
  • Two students have achieved a Distinction (D), placing them in the top 20% statewide.
  • Five students have earned a Credit (C), while the remaining participants will receive a participation certificate.

We would like to congratulate all the participants for their courage in taking on this challenging competition, and also express our gratitude to our science staff for their hard work and for encouraging our students to participate.

A special thank you goes out to parents for their support and for covering the associated expenses of this competition.