Secondary Book Character Assemblies

4 September 2019
Secondary Book Character Assemblies

Students and staff at the College are celebrating LITERACY & NUMERACY WEEK from 2 – 6 September, 2019.

The event started with a grand FOODIE FRIDAY on Friday, 30 August hosted by the English and Mathematics’ Departments. Literacy & Numeracy Week was launched in style with all staff participating in an afternoon filled with fun and happiness. The highlight was the release of the READERS’ CHOICE BOOK AWARDS from Years 7 to 12. The afternoon’s program also featured quizzes, lucky prize draws, unveiling of Literacy & Numeracy program highlights, light debate on Maths vs English and of course – great feasting.

Many lunch time activities are planned for students every day during the week. Great prizes are at stake and winners will be announced through this space next week, inShaAllah.

To start off with, check out the photos of the first day of activities, which was the Secondary School’s Character Parade Day. It proved to be a huge success and everyone enjoyed the day. The march through primary building was something that was really a highlight of the first day event.

Click HERE to view more photos.

The Maths and English Department would like to thank the Principal, staff, parents and students for their amazing cooperation and support.

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