Secondary End of Year Excursion: Luna Park

11 December 2023
Secondary End of Year Excursion: Luna Park

To mark the end of another year and to celebrate another year of learning, our Secondary School students enjoyed a day of celebration at Luna Park on Wednesday, 6th December 2023.

The day began with a well-planned yet busy morning as we organised 350 students into their groups for transport to the St. Kilda amusement park. Many of the students were bursting with excitement about the day ahead. Our students spent their day exploring the selection of amusement park rides such as the Power Surge or the Spider while also treating themselves to ice creams, snow cones and churros. Students thoroughly enjoyed spending time with their teachers and the excursion provided a bonding opportunity between them. Our principals, Mr Fazeel and Ms Rahat also seized the opportunity to connect with students and enjoy the rides.

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Needless to say, everyone had a remarkably enjoyable day out and we were so proud of the decorum of our students on this end of year excursion: Well done to all and happy school holidays ahead.

  • Fatema Faoual Assistant Head of Secondary Pastoral Care Email Fatema Fatema Faoual