Wacky Wednesday Lunchtime Fun

12 November 2020
Wacky Wednesday Lunchtime Fun

Our Student Support Department is running "Wacky Wednesday" activities for Secondary students each week during lunchtime for the remainder of this term.

Yesterday, the Secondary girls participated in a skipping challenge for the most number of skips in a row, whereas our Secondary boys had the option to join a Netball shooting challenge. Prizes like sporting equipment and canteen vouchers are up for grabs.

Well done to Tasniim Ali from Year 8G2 for earning a win for Red House Safa.

We invite all Secondary students to be sure to come along next Wednesday and join the fun!

  • Fatema Faoual Secondary Years Team Leader VET Business Studies Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Fatema Fatema Faoual
  • David Kinsella Years 7 - 9 Boys Co-ordinator PE/Health & Humanities ASCA Cricket Academy Co-ordinator Phone 03 9407 7000 Email David David Kinsella