Year 10 History excursion to the Immigration Museum

1 November 2023
Year 10 History excursion to the Immigration Museum

Our Year 10 girls ventured out to the Immigration Museum on Monday, 30 October to examine the history of migration into Australia over time. This journey was aimed at expanding on the knowledge and skills obtained in class this term.

The tour was divided into two parts:

First, an investigation of primary and secondary sources was analysed to understand the reasons for different groups of people coming into Australia over time with a deep dive into the way that they were treated by government and society. Students evaluated important Australian milestones such as the Gold Rush, the time of the White Australia Policy, the need for skilled labour and the effects of the world wars. A strong analysis was conducted on push and pull factors of migration.

Thereafter, students explored the three areas of the self-guided tour in the upper level of the museum, discovering artefacts, immersive experiences and first-hand accounts of migrants. Students explored their reasons for leaving home, the changing Australian migration policies over time and the impact that the movement of migrants had on First Nations People, all while completing an activity booklet supplied by the Immigration Museum.

After the tour, students enjoyed a small picnic of treats and snacks in the Museum’s courtyard before returning to school.

  • Haroon Patel Head of Humanities Year 11B Homegroup Teacher Email Haroon Haroon Patel