Year 9 KLIC: School Veggie Patch

13 September 2023
Year 9 KLIC: School Veggie Patch

Our Year 9 KLIC class has been doing a project for the past few months, where we are growing spinach and coriander in the hopes of selling them as a part of our business plan.

The organic spinach and coriander has been sold at a price of $3 per bag to interested staff on a first come, first serve basis in support of our mini business. We are certain that staff will enjoy their fresh veggie/herb packets.

The Year 9 KLIC "Green-Thumbs" Abdulsalam, Jafar, Maarij, Manal and Safiyah

  • Amnah Arain Year 9 KLIC Teacher Secondary Science/Maths Email Amnah Amnah Arain