AFL at Al Siraat: Final Round 6

14 June 2019
AFL at Al Siraat: Final Round 6

We concluded the SSV AFL Program last Friday and what a great season it has been for all the boys that participated throughout the program. The purpose of these programs are not only to develop the physical skills required in the game but to extend the development and learning in other key areas.

The development of the social and professional skills of the students when representing Al Siraat College outside of the school; their effort, willingness, and respect shown during interfaith meetings; the engagement, development and growth of the footy culture within the cohort.

A huge thank you for the boys for the experience they have provided me throughout the course of the program, and for their resilient attitude and professionalism to play each week without receiving a winning result this season.

Well done boys for this season, and I look forward to the future programs!