Amnah Khan joined Bachar Houli Girls Leadership Program

26 April 2021
Amnah Khan joined Bachar Houli Girls Leadership Program

Al Siraat is proud to announce that one of our Year 9 LEAP students, Amnah Khan had been selected for the Bachar Houli Girls Leadership Program 2021 during the term break.

Amnah has kindly provided us with a short write-up about her Bachar Houli Academcy experience below:

"Asalaamu Alaikum. My name is Amnah Khan, I’m in Year 9 and was a member of the Bachar Houli Girls Leadership Program 2021.

Honestly, I know nothing about the AFL. I’ve never seen a footy match and I can barely name 5 footy teams. Yet, I joined this program.

I had doubts about applying for this program as I don’t know anything about footy, but honestly you don’t need to know anything about it, because this program is about helping develop and improve your leadership skills.

I applied for this program because personally, I enjoy public speaking, but I didn’t have much experience and I wanted to go to the next level and improve in any way possible. I learnt so much and even got to do a speech in front of a big crowd and it felt great. I used all the tips I learnt and I didn’t feel nervous at all, in fact, I felt like I could go on and on talking forever.

Over the course of the of 3.5 days, I got to do so many fun things and experience so much that I wouldn’t have been able to do if I haven’t joined the leadership program: We got a private tour of the entire MCG and learnt so much about its history, as well as getting the chance to play on the empty MCG field, having it all to ourselves. We also got to go to the Richmond Football Club and play on the field, as well as having been able to use the facilities like the gym.

I’d definitely recommend the Bachar Houli Girls Leadership Program to any Muslim youth looking to improve their leadership skills, or just to have a fun time. I definitely enjoyed it and I think others will, too.

Amnah Khan