Fun Run @Home

5 September 2020
Fun Run @Home

This year due to COVID, we are taking our annual Fun Run online.

Students can set up their own obstacle course in or outside their home. You can use chairs, tables, towels, washing baskets and other objects to create a bit of a challenge. Your home obstacle course needs to be completed from home and recorded in a 1 minute video. For example, a student may need to crawl under the chair, hop over some towels crawl under the table do 15 step ups on the washing basket etc. Make it as challenging and as creative as you like!

Watch HERE: Obstacle course by Maryam Nadeem Hussain from Year 2A.

Students can do their fun run inside or outside deepening on their space available. Students need to record themselves completing their FunRun obstacle course and upload to Showbie in the P.E Section under FUN RUN CHALLENGE. Even if students haven’t fun raised, they still need to complete the Fun Run Task and upload it to Showbie.

Parents and students log in HERE.

Please follow the prompts and find your child’s class. Mr Saleh has created a class for every student so they just need to look for their grade on the list.

Students who have raised cash funds and are still holding on to their money can deposit it into the online funds section on their profile page. This will make it easier to order the prizes for your child straight away. Once your child’s money has been added to the online portal, open the prize module section to unlock their prize options.

We prefer all students to fundraise online only, if they have not done so already. Please only approach family, friends and neighbours via social media, email or phone. This year, all the Fun Run fundraising will need to be done online.

We greatly look forward to seeing all the awesome Fun Run @Home obstacle courses from our students.