Highest Fundraiser for Jump Rope For Heart

24 November 2020
Highest Fundraiser for Jump Rope For Heart

This year of fundraising for Jump Rope for Heart has been a tough one for everyone. Keeping active and exercising has been interesting and challenging for all. People have become very creative doing exercise at home while gyms and fitness centers were closed during the lockdown.

Congratulations to Haadia Alam from Year 3B for going the extra mile, not just fundraising but also raising the most amount of money in the school. On top of this, Haadia successfully skipped for 1hr 45mins in total and raised $101.77 for the Heart Foundation to help children who are in need of monitoring their heart.

The students at our College are very fortunate (alhamdulillah) to wake up in their own beds at home every morning, getting ready to go to school instead of waking up in a hospital attached to wires monitoring their heart and overall health.

Our students' fantastic fundraising efforts would have helped some of these children get back on their feet again. MashaAllah, Haadia had a lot of motivation throughout this pandemic, and she has been recognised and acknowledged for her efforts by the organisers of the Heart Foundation.

Mabrook and well done, Haadia!