Pink Stumps Day: Staff vs Students Cricket Match

11 December 2020
Pink Stumps Day: Staff vs Students Cricket Match

The annual "Pink Stumps Day Staff vs Students Cricket Match" was a huge success, with a close contents seeing the staff again prevail as the champions of the day.

However, the skill level of the students was noticeably better this year which is a credit to the students for working hard at improving themselves.

Over $100 dollars was raised at the BBQ organised by Mr Zaffar Danyal: Thank you so much, Br. Zaffar!


  • Salman Khan
  • Faheem Mussarat
  • Hammad Shamsi
  • Imran Ahmed
  • Shukran Chohan
  • Muhammad Naveed Khan
  • Omar Ahmad
  • Khurram Khan
  • Muhammad Ayaz Minhaj
  • Zaharan Mohamed Sahran
  • Fazeel Arain
  • Rafi Ahmed Mohammed


  • Yahya Ahmed (Year 7B1) – Vice Captain
  • Wasi Uddin Mohammed (Year 7B2)
  • Abdullah Imran (Year 7B1)
  • Muhammad Imran (Year 5/6B2)
  • Arham Muhammad (Year 7B1)
  • Umar Mohamed Azad (Year 5/B1)
  • Ammar Ulhaq (Year 7B2)
  • Muhammad Ayaan (Year 7B2)
  • Ameen Sayed (Year 7B1)
  • Kabeer Abdul (Year 8B1)
  • Abdul Saleem Mohammed (Year 8B1)
  • Zahin Karim (Year 8B1) – Captain
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