Year 6G: Futsal competition

15 November 2022
Year 6G: Futsal competition

Our Year 6 girls had the opportunity to represent Al Siraat in a Futsal tournament against other Islamic schools, organised by the Islamic Schools Association of Victoria (ISSAV).

With lots of enthusiasm, we left the College with the zeal to meet our fellow students from other schools and compete in the Futsal competition.

What is futsal?

Futsal is the FIFA-recognised form of small-sided indoor football (the word is a contraction of the Spanish 'fútbol sala'). It is played between two teams who each have five players on the pitch at any one time, with rolling substitutes and a smaller ball than soccer that is harder and less bouncy. The small amount of space means players must have great technique and skill, and as well as a professional sport in its own right with national and international championships

Today’s match was very competitive but alhamdulillah, our Year 6 girls played with utmost diligence against 5 other Islamic schools, qualified for the semi-finals and came third place.

We looking forward to improving our passing skills and inShaAllah, bring a trophy home in the next competition.