Years 5 and 6: Swimming and Water Safe Program

13 July 2017
Years 5 and 6: Swimming and Water Safe Program

As previously announced, our Year 5 and 6 students will commence their Swimming and Water Safe Program at the YMCA Epping Leisure City next Tuesday, 18 July 2017.

The program also includes indoor sports sessions and will run weekly on Tuesdays over the course of 8 weeks in Term 3. It is essential that students adhere to the Islamic requirements for this program. The following arrangements have been made to assist with the correct delivery of the swimming program:

  • Boys and girls will be completely separated during their swimming sessions

  • Males will not have any access to the swimming area at any time. This includes staff and patrons, while female students are completing their session

  • Female students will be given female instructors

  • All windows will be covered and blocked from any public view


• 18 July • 25 July • 1 August • 8 August • 15 August • 22 August • 29 August • 12 September

If you have further queries, please contact me on 9408 1999.

  • Sevdet Bektash PE/Health/VET Year 7B2 Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7018 Email Sevdet Sevdet Bektash