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  • School Captains' Introduction Videos

    20 February 2019

    We are pleased to announce that for the very first time, our School Captains for 2019 Abu Bakr Ayoubi and Hafsa Sarwar, along with their Vice-Captains Morgan Hussein and Chakour Sai, have created their own introduction videos. This is a new feature to help their student mates, parents and staff listen to them personally, rather than just… Read more

    School Captains' Introduction Videos
  • Pakistan: Back to School Campaign for Eid Ul Fitr

    17 February 2019

    "One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” – Malala Yousafzai. Our Student Representative Council SRC is delighted to announce the opening of the “Pakistan: Back to School Campaign for Eid Ul Fitr" during Term 1, partnered with Mercy Wings Australia, a non-profit organisation to help send education supplies and… Read more

    Pakistan: Back to School Campaign for Eid Ul Fitr
  • 2019 School Captains Announced

    27 January 2019

    We congratulate our newly elected 2019 College Captains Abu Bakr Ayoubi and Hafsa Sarwar. They will be ably supported by College Vice-Captains Chakour Sai and Morgan Hussein. It was a great pleasure to announce their appointments at our Special Secondary Awards Assembly last Friday, 7 December 2018. Much cheering and celebration followed… Read more

    2019 School Captains Announced
  • SRCs Construct Plant Pot Stands

    13 January 2019

    During Term 4 of 2018, our Student Representative Council SRC with the support from the Technology Department, designed and constructed two wooden plant pot stands for the College. The students spent a lesson each week towards this project. They learnt how to construct six plant boxes and two stands using wood work tools and machines… Read more

    SRCs Construct Plant Pot Stands
  • National SRC Awards

    13 December 2018

    For the first time, Al Siraat College were nominated for the National Islamic Schools' Student Leadership & Service Awards hosted by the Australian Muslim Youth Leadership Association as national level awards in Melbourne. MashaAllah. Our College SRCs won in 10 different categories: - 1.Individual Awards-Senior Student Leader of the Year… Read more

    National SRC Awards
  • Last SRC Feed the Homeless for 2018

    13 December 2018

    The evening of Sunday, 2 December 2018 was once again a tremendous success. We were 14 men and women strong that night, with teachers, students and some close friends of the College working in sync to deliver a 5-star service! Although the night began slow and we didn’t serve as many people as we normally do 60-80 on the night, the… Read more

    Last SRC Feed the Homeless for 2018
  • Junior SRCs Feed the Homeless in November

    25 November 2018

    Our "Feed the homeless project" is usually being led by Senior SRCs. As the exam week approaches for the Senior School, feed the homeless project still continues. Junior SRCs took the initiative with few non SRC members to continue to serve the homeless for the evening. The boys brought with them fresh fruits, noodles, water bottles… Read more

    Junior SRCs Feed the Homeless in November
  • SRC Feed the Homeless Project

    20 November 2018

    In the evening of Sunday, 11 November 2018, members of our Student Reprentative Council SRC and five other Secondary students joined in to feed the homeless in the city as an ongoing project. . Alhamdulillah, the experience, once again, was terrific. We had chicken wraps and chips on the menu that night. The beautiful evening was… Read more

    SRC Feed the Homeless Project
  • Animates Project Launched

    13 November 2018

    A selected number of our Year 9 students, together with students from Epping-based St. Monica’s College celebrated the much awaited launch of the "Animates" project. Following 11 weeks of collaboration facilitated by North Melbourne’s "The Huddle" and with the support of the City of Whittlesea, students were able to develop two animations… Read more

    Animates Project Launched
  • Whittlesea Welcome Expo Visit

    31 October 2018

    The City of Whittlesea Welcome Expo was held on 29th October 2018. Senior SRCs and three Senior non-SRC members attended the Expo. Students had an opportunity to build community connection and participate in civic activities. They explored a range of services available in our city of Whittlesea such as sustainability and waste; safety and… Read more

    Whittlesea Welcome Expo Visit
  • Celebrating Teachers Day 2018

    26 October 2018

    This Friday, 26 October 2018, World Teachers Day was celebrated for the first time at the College, organised by the team of 30 SRCs members and their SRC Coordinator. The event took place at school and it was to show appreciation and gratitude for their teachers. The planning for this event had been going quietly behind the scene since… Read more

    Celebrating Teachers Day 2018
  • Teachers Day Celebration in Home Groups

    23 October 2018

    This week, our Student Representative Council SRC are celebrating Teachers Week. On Monday, 22 October 2018, Hanan Hirsi and Clarissa Aisha Indranada organised and conducted a short assembly to acknowledge home group teachers as part of Teachers’ Week celebration for the Secondary Girls. They planned a short drama act with some of the… Read more

    Teachers Day Celebration in Home Groups
  • Student Leader Workshop SLFGER

    21 October 2018

    On 18th October 2018, our selected SRCs and non SRC members from Years 5 to 11 attended the School Leaders For Gender Equality and Respect Student Voice Workshop SLFGER that took place at the Melbourne Aquarium. Three of our student leaders were trained to facilitate the workshop for the day. Students participated in various activities… Read more

    Student Leader Workshop SLFGER
  • SRCs Farewell College Captains

    19 October 2018

    For the first time this year, our Junior SRC member Zain Khan, Ammar Ulhaq and Amaar Hamdia from Year 5 attended the Year 12 farewell event. All SRC members signed graduation teddy bears for our College Captains and Vice-Captains conveying graduating and Thank You messages: Zain Khan presented the gift to Bilal Syed Adnan by giving a… Read more

    SRCs Farewell College Captains
  • Students Interviewed on Live Radio

    12 October 2018

    Following on from the Animates Launch, three College students together with John King from North Melbourne Football Club’s "The Huddle" were invited live on radio. The students were interviewed by local radio station 88.6 Plenty Valley FM host Denise Kuchmar. The Animates project gave the students a platform to develope a short animation… Read more

    Students Interviewed on Live Radio
  • SLFGER Student Facilitator Workshop

    11 October 2018

    The School Leaders for Gender Equality and Respect SLFGER Student Facilitator Preparation Workshop took place on 10th October 2018. Three of our student leaders attended the workshop. For the first time, the student leaders will be facilitating the upcoming workshop on 18th October in the city, representing Al Siraat in front of other… Read more

    SLFGER Student Facilitator Workshop
  • SRCs Feeding the Homeless in September

    23 September 2018

    On Sunday, 23 September 2018, I was given the opportunity to feed the homeless at Victoria Market in the city. This was the first time, non SRC Senior boys joined in with the SRC Senior team. The evening was very busy with the team cooking fresh food, chips and burgers. We set table of giveaway food items which we brought for the… Read more

    SRCs Feeding the Homeless in September
  • Winter Syria Campaign a Big Success

    20 September 2018

    After the extremely successful "Shoebox4Syria" campaign of Term 1, our Student Representative Council SRC is pleased to share wonderful news about yet another successful fundraising drive with you all: The "Winter Syria Campaign" officially closed last Saturday, 15 September 2018 and all donated goods are now on their way to their… Read more

    Winter Syria Campaign a Big Success
  • Senior SRCs Feeding the Homeless

    10 September 2018

    Last Sunday evening of 2 September 2018, our SRCs from Years 10 to 12 along with 2 non SRCs members joined in to serve the homeless in the city as part of the Eid Adha celebrations. The Qurban meat was provided by Mercy Wings. Our talented Canteen Chef Rafi Mohammed volunteered to cook "Pulao" a popular rice and meat dish and vegetarian… Read more

    Senior SRCs Feeding the Homeless
  • ASC Student Presentations At Parliament House

    5 September 2018

    This year and for the first time, six Al Siraat College students attended the annual "My Voice, My Vote" event held at the Parliament House, organised by National Council of Women Victoria. Fatima Mohamed Year 12, Hafsa Sarwar Year 11, Aisha Arain Year 10, Sondos Mahmandar Year 10, Melike Cokmez Year 10 and Nur Naziihah Hafidi Year 8 were… Read more

    ASC Student Presentations At Parliament House
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