Interfaith Ambassadors for 2017 Announced

1 December 2016
Interfaith Ambassadors for 2017 Announced

After a successful project in 2016, we are excited to announce our new interfaith ambassadors for 2017 who are motivated leaders not only learning about different faiths, but also about social issues that impact us regardless of our faiths. We will focus more on our humanity.

We welcome our 12 interfaith ambassadors who are ready to make a difference in 2017 and beyond, inShaAllah:

  • Aazaz Adra (8A)

  • Saef Alsawad (8B)

  • Aishah Arain (8A)

  • Fadia Ayoubi (8A)

  • Sarah Bekhaled (8A)

  • Mashoor Cadersha (8B)

  • Balaj Elahi (8B)

  • Mohammed El-Masri (8B)

  • Sondos Mahmandar (8A)

  • Hooda Mohammed Emin (8A)

  • Aleyna Orhan (8A)

  • Nawal Sultan (8A)

I would like to thank our Year 7 to 9 Coordinators Ms Breis and Mr Emniyet for their time, energy and valuable input for our 2017 interfaith ambassador interviews. We wish them all the best in advance and hope that our interfaith project will touch greater heights each year.