Introducing Our 2019 House Captains

20 May 2019
Introducing Our 2019 House Captains

For the first time, Al Siraat College is delighted to announce the new leadership position as House Captains. Our eight House Captains falls under the work umbrella of Student Representative Council (SRC) and are part of the Student Leadership service.

The eight House Captains (two for each of our four houses) demonstrate a high level of leadership as well as presenting a high level of team work, motivational and sporting ability. Captains exercise responsibility when representing the school in sporting teams across the district, or at regional and state levels.

They should display leadership qualities and be a role model for all members of the College Community. The House Captains will meet regularly and work co-operatively with the SRC Coordinator and P.E staff. The House Captains encourage and motivate their House members. They lead, motivate and support their House in participation, competitive spirit and sportsmanship.

At Al Siraat College, we have four Houses:

  • House Safa (Red)
  • House Arafat (Blue)
  • House Marwa (Yellow)
  • House Mina (Green)

Our 2019 House Captains are:

  • Humza Ghouse

    House Mina Captain (Boys) Year 10B1 Email Humza

    My name is Humza Ghouse and I am thrilled to inform that I am Mina (Green) House Captain for Al Siraat.

    I hope through my work as House Captain I can make a positive impact on the school to make it a more enjoyable place for all students and staff. I want anyone in any year to be able to approach me with any issues or ideas you may have, and I will try my best to take them on board. As an enthusiast for sports, my free time consists of playing club soccer for Bundoora United.

    For the future, I look forward to seeing what I can offer in this role of Mina House Captain, and I will try my best to make this a more exciting year for everyone.

    Humza Ghouse