Pakistan Back to School: Container To Arrival This Week

5 June 2019
Pakistan Back to School: Container To Arrival This Week

During Term One and Term Two, our SRCs have been busy with collecting and packing Eid ul Fitr school gift bags for underprivileged children living in Pakistan.

We have been able to put together 1000 ‘starter packs’, which included basics such as bags, books, stationery, a lunch box, drink bottle, towel, tooth brush and toothpaste.

Students spent lunch time sorting stationery, and putting together pencil cases. Another group helped pack the bags, while primary students helped colour in Eid cards to go with each bag. In addition to the bags, the students also sent library books donated by the community. They also came in on the recent term break to help pack and label boxes, ahead of shipping to Pakistan.

The community also raised funds to help establish village school in Tharpakar district of the Sindh state of Pakistan. We have shipped furniture, teacher resources, white boards, carpets, educational toys and supplies to support the opening of village school for these poor children, who have no education centre in interior area of Sindh.

The purpose of the campaign was to make our students aware of less fortunate children around, who dream of getting an education, but their circumstances stop them from getting to school.

Click here to view our video journey.

For the first time, the shipping container have left for Pakistan from Al Siraat campus and is to arrive in time for Eid-ul-Fitr (InshaAllah). The children receiving the pack are from slum areas, and they have illiterate background. Giving them starter packs will help motivate them to attend school, such as free street schools.

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