SRC Teach the Teacher Ignite Program

5 March 2020
SRC Teach the Teacher Ignite Program

A representative of the Victorian Student Representative Council visited Al Siraat to run the first part of a workshop called “Teach the Teacher Ignite” with our Student Representative Council (SRC) members.

The program is a student-led professional learning program for teachers that enables students to address issues affecting them. The introduction workshop included modules like expectations and issues of teachers and students, how to ensure school wide student representation and the case studies of our school.

Student leaders are empowered to have a greater opportunity in decision making that affect their learning and their lives at school, and are given the tools to engage the wider student body to give all students a chance to be heard. It helps develop, enable and clarify student voices to enhance teaching, learning, communication and respect.

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The SRCs were engaged in various activities and participated in different case studies related to Al Siraat. The second workshop session will take place during Term 2.

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