16 April 2020

Updated August 2020

Thank you for your patience as we went live with our Online Learning Program today. It was a BIG day. Here is the daily wrap, along with important information and links for tomorrow:

Please note the following points in particular:

  • The Secondary Salaah time is now 2:00pm to 2:15pm
  • The Virtual Private Network (VPN) on school issued devices has been turned off, which means that the school’s internet content filtering systems will no longer be active when your child is at home. You will need to maintain oversight and arrange for your own filtering systems. We have had to do this as we are unable to handle all the internet traffic being funnelled through our VPN with the current traffic.


By the grace and mercy of Allah:

  • We had over 430 people attend the Program Launch Webinars yesterday, with over 200 questions being answered. Thank you to all our parents and webinar panellists.
  • We had over 300 attendees in the Primary Assembly. Pretty impressive given that our email servers refused to cooperate and the link was sent by SMS just one minute before the assembly commenced. Remember to send a photo of your funny socks.
  • Exceptionally high attendance in Primary across all classes – well done to students and parents.
  • Year 3 had 97% student attendance! Well done to all.
  • Secondary classes commenced with their learning program – the classes got off to a very solid start Maa Shaa Allah.
  • The students where very excited and in uniform (mostly).

Teething issues

  • Thank you for your patience as we work through teething issues which include resolving email, password, access and other issues.
  • Please remember to refer to our website page which we are constantly updating with answers to common queries. Click here for the website link.
  • The Usernames and passwords sheet which contain the students email, passwords and class codes will be updated for remaining information and sent to you. Our teams are working hard to get this to you as soon as possible. In the interim, teachers will also be emailing you details.

What you told us

Thank you for all the messages of support and appreciation you have sent. Greatly appreciated. We have heard from you that there are too many Zoom links for students to manage (particularly the younger students). Please bear with us until Google Classroom is fully functional. Once we get all up and running with Google Classroom, student will just need to go to the class, the lesson and click the link. We are going to set up a special class for assemblies and salaah program as well in shaa Allah, meaning all links will be on one platform.

With the current model of multiple teacher teaching from different locations, it will be very difficult to have one Zoom link for the whole day.

Correcting timetabling information

The Primary Learning Guide will be updated with another revision of the timetable graphic, as shown in the attached photos.