17 March 2020

Updated August 2020

We would like to assure our community that we are reviewing the situation on a daily basis, making adjustments to our programs where necessary. We will continue to follow the Government advice reiterating that schools are to remain open.   

Actions taken at Al Siraat:

  • 1.Website has been updated with a page for important information re: COVID-19, daily dua’s and advice, links to external fact sheets and relevant information along with advice about the continuity of learning

  • 2.Students from years 5-12 reminded during the Salah program of the following:

    – How to wash hands correctly

    – Affirmation that the department of health will notify the college if there are any identified suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 amongst staff or students

    – Assurance that the college will remain open unless advised otherwise by the DHHS, and if we do close there will be continuity of learning

  • 3.Hygiene team working with staff and maintenance team to ensure proactive and consistent approach to cleaning

  • 4.Sports Carnival that was planned for next week will now be postponed to a date yet to be determined

  • 5.Years 3 & 4 daily salah program will continue outside in the open effective today (Relevant information in regards to hygiene and other essential facts to be relayed during this time from tomorrow)

  • 6.Head of Years working with Foundation to Year 2 teachers to deliver important hygiene information to students during classtime

Sending work home:

Whilst we respect every parents right to keep their child/children at home, at this time we are unable to supply work for your child/children via email or an online learning platform. If you are keeping your primary children at home, may we please ask that you collect their workbooks and take them home in preparation of potential school closure.

We are fully committed to maintaining the continuity of learning, and need this time to make appropriate preparations. Our aim is to provide meaningful learning activities to our students, which we are currently working on through a consistent delivery system. There is a coordinated effort from our heads of learning to ensure a streamlined learning continuity. Our current curriculum is not worksheet based, and as such, student learning will not be primarily worksheet based.  

Particular attention is being given to the needs of VCE students in Years 11 and 12. Senior students are encouraged to ensure that they are taking their digital devices home with them each day.

At this point, we will be continuing with Parent Teacher Interviews and our Salaah Program as scheduled.

Suspected and confirmed cases:

Please contact us immediately if:

  • You, your child or a family member is suspected of having or confirmed with coronavirus.
  • You, your child or a family member is undertaking testing due to being a suspected case of coronavirus.


The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) advice is that students, staff and close community members should self-isolate from the school if the following applies:

  • The person is a confirmed case of coronavirus.
  • The person is a close contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus in the past 14 days.
  • Everyone arriving into Australia from overseas from midnight, Sunday 15 March, will be required to self-isolate for 14 days. As they are required to self-isolate, they must not visit the school or early childhood service to pick up children or for any other reason.