20 March 2020

Updated March 2020

We have some important updates to communicate with you today. Please take note of the actions taken below:

Important Updates:

  • To ensure that our teachers are confident with the plans for learning continuity we have decided to make Wednesday 25 March a student free day along with the 26 and 27 March. This includes Hifz and Ilm students

  • Cultural day planned for Wednesday 25 March will be postponed

  • The Year 3 sleepover that was planned for 17 April will be postponed to a date yet to be confirmed which means the parent information session next week has been cancelled

  • Parent Teacher interviews have been postponed until Term 2 and will be conducted via an alternative modality

  • Please provide a small, clean hand towel for your child from Year 3 to Year 12 to enable their Salat from Monday 23 March.