21 April 2020

Updated August 2020

A warm welcome back to our daily wrap-up of what has been another day of great student engagement. Today marked Day 4 of our remote learning program, with feedback from our IT and customer support teams showing positive signs of our parent community becoming more and more familiar with our learning platforms and requiring less assistance.

Students are now beginning to submit their completed work on Showbie, which is the platform our teachers use to mark your children’s work and assessments. If you have not yet done so, please make time to watch the instructional videos available on our website, particularly the ones about using Showbie. If your child/children are unsure of how to submit their work, the videos are there to assist them with step by step instructions.

Please remember that we are always just a phone call away, should you still feel unsure of what to do or get stuck in any way. Alternatively, you are also welcome to come to the College and speak directly to our IT team on site.


  • Our Foundation Team is proud to announce that we had one of our students recite the daily du’as for the whole year level this morning at assembly, mashaAllah.
  • Our Humanities Department used a novel approach by having a combined class but with the boys and girls being separated. Both classes were taught by Ms Marwa via separate Zoom links, with Mr Bektash backing her up with whiteboard explanations and administrative duties. We are pleased to report that it worked very well.
  • Recordings of our daily Salaat program for Secondary students are now available on our school website. We aim at adding more recordings on a daily basis, inShaAllah, and invite you to listen to the first two talks by Mufti Aasim by clicking here.


  • Please ensure that your child/children have their cameras turned on at all times during their live Zoom sessions and be in their full school uniform.
  • A big Thank YOU to all parents who have already submitted some wonderful photos of their Welcome Ramadan decoration at home. It has been heartwarming and inspiring to see such inviting glimpses of your joy and anticipation for Ramadan to commence. Please keep sending your Welcome Ramadan photos to info@alsiraat.vic.edu.au by next Monday, 27th April 2020. Your submissions make our day 😊.

This is all from us for today. We will be back tomorrow evening with another daily wrap-up, inShaAllah. In the meantime, please take good care of yourselves and your families, and remember us in your du’a

  • Tanja Kubitza Content & Relations Lead Sustainability Coordinator Email Tanja Tanja Kubitza