22 March 2020: Important Update Re School Closure

Updated April 2022

In response to containing COVID-19, the Victorian Government has announced that the school holidays will begin from Tuesday, 24 March 2020.

This means that tomorrow will be the last day of Term 1 for students.

It is highly likely that schools will remain closed for some time. The College is moving quickly to implement a Distance Learning Program, and we will share more details of this with you soon.

To ensure continuity of learning, we strongly encourage all students (unless they are unwell or self-isolating) to attend school tomorrow.

PRIMARY SCHOOL: Parents and students are asked to collect the following items:

  • Pencil case and all stationery items
  • All subject journals, folders and workbooks , including Maths, Reading, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Quran, Writing, Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation, Art Book, Humanities, Science and the Handwriting Workbook.

SECONDARY SCHOOL: Students need to:

  • Collect all their text and exercise books, devices, charges and completely clear out their lockers.
  • Take their iPads to IT if there are experiencing any problems.
  • Make sure their emails are working.
  • Resolve any other access / technology issues with their devices.

It is essential for students to have the necessary equipment to continue their learning from home should school not resume after the break. 

We also request that all remaining personal items (jackets, water bottles, back packs, sunhat etc.) be taken home at this time, as items remaining at school during this time may be discarded during the cleaning processes.