Barn to Mosque

Updated November 2020

“Whosoever builds a Mosque for Allah, then Allah will build for him a similar house in Paradise.”

(Sahih Bukhari)

In the past, the community has donated generously for the renovation and maintenance of our current Musalla. We are quickly running out of space and for the first time this year, we had to commence two jummah salah at the same time, due to this space problem. Alhamdulillah, this is a good problem to have because it shows that our community is growing and is particular about their prayers!

As many of you would have noticed, we have commenced renovation works to the musalla extension as a short term measure. However, our main effort will be to raise the money we need to build the actual mosque as shown in the diagram on the attached related publication. So like last year, we are raising funds to move out of the barn and into a pleasant and comfortable enrvironment of a purpose built mosque fit for worship.

In the previous two years, this project involved sending home a charity money tin for each family at the College. In 2015, we raised about $40,000 in Ramadan and combined with the parents and community efforts, the total rose to over $80,000. These donation tins were returned to school as they were a trust (amanah) for all those people who were putting money in them from your friends and family.

Overall, the cost of the Mosque is estimated at $5M at this stage (subject to final design). Please remember that any donations in the month of Ramadan will fetch a greater reward than on any other month of the year. May Allah (swt) reward you all and put barakah in your provisions.

Al Siraat College Masjid Account

  • BSB: 033-157

  • Account No. 304 820

If you would like any further information on this project, please contact me at the College on (03) 9407 7000.

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