Curriculum Overview in Years 3 to 6

Updated September 2019

Teaching in Year 3 – 4 four explores the curriculum in greater depth as compared to Foundation – Year 2. Students are still encouraged to have an inquisitive mind to expand their creative thinking and problem solving skills. The core subjects offered in these levels are:

  • Quran
  • Islamic Studies
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Inquiry learning
  • Art
  • Sports and PE

From Years 5 & 6, our boys and girls study in separate classes which we refer to as “Parallel” learning. There is no difference in the curriculum content, however, the resources and teaching styles vary in order to cater for the gender differences. The main advantage is from an Islamic viewpoint, so that our students start to understand their unique roles in society.

Like the rest of the primary years, our students also participate in competitions, attend a number of excursions and incursions, along with enjoying a host of special events held at the College.

When planning, our teachers take into account a variety of domains essential for a balanced overall approach. These are:

  • Emotional domain – Refers to a range of elements of maturity centred around the individual.
  • Social Domain – This refers to a range of elements of maturity centred around the individual in relation to others.
  • Cognitive domain – Refers to a range of elements related to thinking and of making sense.
  • Language Domain – Refers to elements related within expression and articulation in communication.
  • Physical Domain – Refers to elements related within Gross motor, fine motor and bilateral coordination including spatial awareness. It also includes body image, health, and nutrition.
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