Customer Support

Updated November 2018
  • Leah Hamel

    Teamleader Customer Support Daily Organiser Phone (03) 9407 7035 Email Leah

    Born and raised in Australia, Ms Leah Hamel started at Al Siraat College in 2015 as a part time employee, in the role of School Support Officer and Administration, which soon after led to a full time position.

    Before having children, Ms Leah had over 20 years experience in the retail industry in various management positions.

    Leah Hamel
  • Tanya Kubitza

    Registrar / Marketing Phone (03) 9407 7018 Email Tanya

    BBA (Hon)

    Tanya joined the College in 2010 in its second year and helped set-up and establish procedures for the administration office. She has been looking after the front school office and new enrolments, being the first point of contact for students and parents. Her role has changed to the College's Registrar and Marketing Manager in 2015.

    She was born in Germany where she attended both Primary and High School. After completing her apprenticeship with SMS Schloemann-Siemag AG in Duesseldorf/Germany, she worked as a secretary for the same company. Tanya holds an Honours Degree in Business Administration and spent a year in Malaysia as part of her studies where she also worked with the Malaysian Red Crescent Society.

    Tanya migrated to Australia in 2006 and has been calling Australia her home ever since. She is an active member of the Al Siraat family, enjoys mountain biking, bush walking and photography and is engaged with interfaith and charity work in her spare time.

    Tanya Kubitza
  • Nurdan Ors

    Nurse Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Nurdan

    Nurdan Ors
  • Mehreen Akhter

    Resource and Library Officer Phone (03) 9407 7005 Email Mehreen

    Mehreen Akhter
  • Misbah Aqeel

    Customer Support Officer Phone (03) 9407 7038 Email Misbah

    Ms Misbah Aqeel has joined the Customer Support Team of the College in 2016.

    Misbah Aqeel
  • Rocaya Stebbing Fatrouni

    Customer Support Officer Phone 03 9407 7019 Email Rocaya

    Rocaya Stebbing Fatrouni
  • Kaunain Ziaulla

    Customer Support Officer Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Kaunain

    Kaunain Ziaulla
  • Maryam Usman

    Casual Relief Customer Support Team Phone (03) 9407 7000 Email Maryam

    Maryam Usman