Getting to and from the College

Updated May 2024

The Al Siraat School Bus Service is provided to transport students to and from school and is indicative of the College’s ongoing commitment to the care and protection of its students.

The College is committed to meeting the standards and requirements that are set by Transport Safety Victoria and provide a service that is safe, comfortable and efficient.

Bus Routes

Al Siraat College bus services is available in the following suburbs:

Bus Route 1

  • Epping
  • Wollert

The School Bus route is covering: Saltlake Boulevard (Wollert), some of Epping Rd/High St (Epping), Dalton Rd to Metropolitan Ring Road (Mill Park/Thomastown).

Bus Route 2

  • Lalor
  • Thomastown
  • Meadows Heights
  • Broadmeadows
  • Fawkner

The School Bus route is covering: HIYC, Paringa Boulevard (Meadow Heights), Blair St (Dallas), Barry Rd (Campbellfield), Jukes Rd (Fawkner), Kingsway Dr (Lalor), Spring St (Thomastown).

Bus Route 3 (NEW)

  • Craigieburn
  • Wollert

The School Bus route is covering: Craigieburn including Hanson Road, Grand Boulevard, Aitken Boulevard, Fairways Boulevard, Bridgewater Road, Craigieburn Road; Craigieburn Road East (Wollert).

Bus Service Charges

The bus service fees are as follows:

  • $542 per student per term for both morning and afternoon service, from pick up point
  • $338 per student per term for one-way-service, from pick up point


Applications for the Bus Service must be made via the link below, replacing our previous paper form.

The online school bus service form must be completed by a parent or carer of the student(s). It is assumed that Bus Service arrangements will continue in the following year unless the College is advised otherwise. The charges for the bus service are reviewed on an annual basis. While an application is a pre-requisite to use the Bus Service, it is not a guarantee as places are limited.


Confirmation of a placement on the College bus service is conditional upon numbers being available on that bus route.

Payment of Bus Service Fees

The College subsidises the bus service for parents and provides the service below the cost of running the service. Is it essential that parents of students who use the bus pay all school fees (which includes the Bus Service fee) on time. Payment is due at the commencement of each school term. Charges are on a per term basis and will not be discounted for non-attendance or withdrawal of the student prior to the end of the term. A one way bus service incurs 80% of the cost of the full service. Accounts that are overdue by more than 21 days may result in the termination of the bus service, without any notice.

Bus Service Agreement

The Bus Service Agreement needs to be signed and completed for each student prior to the commencement of the service. Students in Year 4 and above must also sign the agreement along with a parent / carer. The Bus Service Agreement details expectations in relation to student behaviour, pickup and dropoff, & payment of fees.

Violation of the Bus Service Agreement may result in the service being terminated for that student.

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