Heads of School

Updated February 2019
  • Rahat Arain

    Head of Primary School Director Student Learning and Achievement Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Rahat

    BEd (Macquarie), BEng (Civil) (UNSW)

    Rahat started her career as a Civil Engineer. Realising the importance of education in the lives of children, she completed a degree in Teaching and embarked on a teaching career. She is dedicated to ensuring that each child can realise their potential and develop both spiritually and academically.

    As co-founder and founding Principal of Al Siraat College from 2009-2017, Rahat has been passionately involved in the set up of this College right from the grassroots. With a passion for Islamic education, she teamed up with her husband to establish the first Islamic school in the City of Whittlesea.

    Prior to her involvement in Al Siraat College, Rahat has had a number of years of experience in other local Islamic schools, public schools, after hours madrassas, and has also been involved in Home Schooling whilst searching for the best way of educating her own children. Being in positions of teaching, leadership, and community service for the last 15 years has helped shape her motivation for contributing to the education of the Muslim community.

    Rahat was appointed as Director Student Learning and Achievement in 2018. Now, as Head of Primary School (Foundation to Year 6), she is determined to lead the way in helping the Al Siraat Community flourish as positive Muslims and citizens of Australia.

    Rahat Arain
  • Vis Naidu

    Head of Secondary School Phone 03 9407 7010 Email Vis

    B.A., UHDE, HONS (SA)

    Vis Naidu is the Head of Middle Years at the Al Siraat College in Epping, Victoria. He was born and educated in South Africa with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Diploma in Teaching and an Honours Degree in Psychology.

    He started his teaching in 1986 and was actively involved in the transformation of the political landscape in South Africa in1994. After teaching for 18 years in South Africa, he decided it was time for a change and moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2004.

    Vis has also taught in London, gaining valuable knowledge and experience as a secondary teacher (GCSE) of English. In Australia, he took up a position at a Catholic College in Kilmore, Victoria, teaching VCE Psychology and English. He joined Al Siraat at the beginning of 2012 with the aim of helping to build the College into a reputable institute of learning.

    Vis Naidu