Heads of Year

Updated October 2018
  • Evla Han

    Head of Junior Years (F - 4) Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Evla

    Ms Evla is very excited about beginning her new role as Head of Junior Years at Al Siraat College. She is encouraged by the enthusiasm and energy among the wonderful team of staff at the College and is looking forward to meeting all the students and families during the year.

    Over the past 15 years, Ms Evla has had the pleasure of experiencing primary, secondary and post-secondary school contexts. Prior to commencing Al Siraat, she was part of an education team at the Commission for Children and Young People. Before that, she was the Primary Deputy Principal at Sirius College.

    She feels passionate about education and school leadership because it means she is always learning herself. After all, we are all born to learn. She feels blessed to be part of the Al Siraat community.

    Some of Ms Evla's goals this year are to ensure that:

    • Our students feel safe and have the opportunity to develop ‘soft skills’ that foster compassion and curiosity

    • Our classrooms are settled, productive and reflective learning environments

    • Stakeholders work in partnership and with mutual respect, for the benefit of all students

    • We continually strive towards our potential and purpose

    Evla Han
  • Vis Naidu

    Head of Middle Years (5 - 9) Phone 03 9407 7010 Email Vis

    B.A., UHDE, HONS (SA)

    Vis Naidu is the Head of Middle Years at the Al Siraat College in Epping, Victoria. He was born and educated in South Africa with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Diploma in Teaching and an Honours Degree in Psychology.

    He started his teaching in 1986 and was actively involved in the transformation of the political landscape in South Africa in1994. After teaching for 18 years in South Africa, he decided it was time for a change and moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2004.

    Vis has also taught in London, gaining valuable knowledge and experience as a secondary teacher (GCSE) of English. In Australia, he took up a position at a Catholic College in Kilmore, Victoria, teaching VCE Psychology and English. He joined Al Siraat at the beginning of 2012 with the aim of helping to build the College into a reputable institute of learning.

    Vis Naidu
  • Hatice Mohamed

    Head of Senior Years (10 - 12) VCE Co-ordinator Phone 03 9407 7037 Email Hatice

    BScEd- Mathematics Education (ODTU-Middle East Technical University), EBOT

    Hatice Mohamed is the Head of Senior Years and the VCE Co-ordinator at Al Siraat College. She has been happily working at the College since 2015.

    She was born and raised in Turkey and attained a Bachelor of Science Education- Mathematics Education Degree in the best technical university of the country. Mathematics was always her passion and she was ranked amongst the top 100 students in the National University Entrance Exam. She started teaching in 1996 in Turkey and worked in various prestigious private schools. In 2005, she decided to continue her teaching career in Australia and started working in an independent school in Melbourne. In this school, as well as teaching VCE Mathematics for 10 years, she had various other roles such as VCE Co-ordinator, Year Level Co-ordinator, Head of the Mathematics Department, SRC Co-ordinator and Interfaith Dialogue Coordinator. She has also been working for the VCAA as Further Mathematics Exam 2 Assessor since 2006. She also wrote Insight Publication Further Mathematics Trial Exams from 2010 to 2012 (6 exam papers in total). Writing trial exams and assessing VCE exams have broadened her assessment skills enormously. She had many students receiving study scores of 40 and above, even 50 (perfect score) in VCE Mathematics.

    Hatice’s ultimate goal as an educator is to provide the best possible opportunities for her students proudly achieving their personal best in a challenging, tolerant and supportive environment, a trusted space where students can be themselves, love learning and aspire to academic excellence.

    Hatice Mohamed