History of Al Siraat

Updated September 2021

Al Siraat College was the aspiration of Mr Fazeel Arain, College Director and Mrs Rahat Arain, Principal of Islamic Tradition. Fuelled with a passion for holistically educating not only their own children but also other Muslims growing up in the Australian context, led them on a journey to commence Al Siraat College.

The rural property on Harvest Home Road Epping was purchased towards the end of 2007. The property has many heritage icons including the original homestead and bluestone barn of the Lochaber Estate, now over 160 years old.

Al Siraat College commenced in 2009 with 75 students from Foundation to Year 4 in a custom built portable building. Now celebrating ten years of learning, the College has grown to over 1,000 students from Foundation to Year 12 in 2021.

Al Siraat College has the capacity to continue to grow to 1,200 students in the future, inShaAllah.

From a dream for quality independent Islamic Schooling to the reality of Al Siraat College, Mr and Mrs Arain are delighted with how the College is being embraced and nurtured by the extended community.

The future will be exciting! Come and join us on our journey.

Al Siraat College turns 12

Twelve years ago in late February 2009, we welcomed our very first students on site in Years 1 to 4. Join us to celebrate the twelfth anniversary of our beloved College by looking back on our journey so far.

Alhamdulillah, we truly have come a long way from the purchase of the original site in 2008 to where we are now with and incredible school community of over 1000 students, 173 staff, beautiful state of the art buildings and facilities, a smart uniform, and so much more in the pipeline.

We are sure you will enjoy the images below, inShaAllah.

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