Junior Years Classroom Teachers

Updated October 2018
  • Aisyah Esfandiar

    Year Foundation A Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Aisyah

    My name is Ms. Aisyah and I am delighted to be teaching Foundation A students. This is my first year teaching at Al Siraat College, however in 2017 I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer and complete my placement for the Junior Years Department.

    I graduated from Victoria University in an undergraduate degree in Education and completed my primary and secondary schooling at an Islamic College. I am honoured to be teaching at Al Siraat College that educates the Muslim youth within an Islamic environment, which reflects the values and traditions that I have been brought up with.

    Aisyah Esfandiar
  • Amina Zeneli

    Year Foundation B Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Amina

    BPsycSc(Hons) (LaTrobe), GDipEd (LaTrobe)

    Amina joined the Al Siraat family as a primary teacher in 2015. She has years of experience within the education system and has worked in learning programs with students who have mild to severe developmental and behavioural disorders.

    Amina graduated from LaTrobe University and has completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours and a Graduate Diploma of Primary Education. She is committed to engaging and inspiring students to reach their full potential and develop a love for lifelong learning.

    Amina Zeneli
  • Iman Mustapha

    Year Foundation C Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Iman

    Iman Mustapha
  • Sarah Najmeddine

    Year Foundation D Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Sarah

    My name is Sarah Najmeddine and I will be commencing my 7th year in the teaching profession. I have previously taught Foundation for 5 years and Year One for 1 year.

    I am particularly interested in teaching early years Literacy and developing skills in reading and writing. Additionally, I am also interested in play based learning where students are given the opportunity to explore concepts and themes, and are able to develop their skills accordingly.

    I am looking forward to a year full of great learning experiences and supporting our youngest students in their first year of school. I am committed to provide my students with a safe, supportive and an engaging learning environment to assist each one of them to reach their full potential. I am delighted and honoured to have the opportunity to work with the children this year. and look forward to meeting and working alongside you to ensure the best possible academic outcome for your child.

    Sarah Najmeddine
  • Elif Boz

    Year 1A Homegroup Teacher Team Leader (Year 1 and 2) Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Elif

    B.Ed. (Melbourne), DipT (Melbourne)

    Elif joined the Al Siraat family in 2015 as a Year 1 teacher. She has over 10 years experience teaching in Islamic, non-denominational and State primary schools. During this time, she has held educational leadership roles such as Literacy Coordinator and Year Foundation – 2 Coordinator.

    Elif completed her tertiary education at The University of Melbourne and has a Diploma of Teaching and a Bachelor of Education majoring in Children’s Literature.

    Elif is a strong believer that every child is unique and can learn at high levels given the time and guidance. Her main motivation for working at Al Siraat College has been to teach students the skills necessary to succeed in this world and the hereafter in a seamless manner.

    Elif Boz
  • Heba Mishare

    Year 1B Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Heba

    Heba Mishare
  • Siti Roha Abdul Rahman

    Year 1C Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Siti Roha

    PGDEd, BCom (Adelaide Uni)

    Siti joined the Al Siraat family in 2017 as a Primary School teacher. She has taught in a Primary School in Singapore for a number of years and also did relief teaching in an Islamic school in Perth.

    She greatly enjoys to be part of the Al Siraat family and looks forward to continue nurturing young minds and working closely with parents and fellow colleagues to help bring out the best in the students under her care.

    Siti graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Adelaide University).

    Siti Roha Abdul Rahman
  • Sheerin Ghazali

    Year 1D Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Sheerin

    Sheerin Ghazali
  • Najma Anis-Reusch

    Year 2A Homegroup Teacher Primary Islamic Studies Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Najma

    B.Sc. (Pak), B.Ed. (Pak), IGCE (ACU), PG Cert TESOL (Wollongong), PG Dip in Early Years (RMIT), PG Dip. Montessori methodology 3-6 yrs, (AMI), M.Ed. (Pak), M.Ed. (ACU)

    Najma is a dedicated and qualified early childhood/ primary teacher who is passionate about contributing to the intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development and wellbeing of young children. Her teaching practice draws from philosophies like Montessori and Reggio.

    As an eclectic educator she is well versed in early years learning theories and practice. She comes with about 15 years of experience of working in preschool and school environments in Australia, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. The teaching and coordinating roles she has worked in previously have provided her with a good understanding of the meaning and significance of the process of ‘school transition’. With this knowledge in mind she has supported children and their families in making this important yet challenging transition as smooth as possible. Najma brings her knowledge and skills related to the early years/ primary to the Foundation Years of Al Siraat College.

    As an enthusiastic early years practitioner, Najma’s goal is to assist Al Siraat College in the establishment of a nurturing Islamic learning environment which caters to the diversity of the needs of young children through meaningful and engaging learning experiences.

    Najma Anis-Reusch
  • Evette Armstrong

    Year 2B Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Evette

    Ms Evette joined Al Siraat College in June 2017 and is excited to be part of the Year 2 community again this year. In 2012, she successfully completed and graduated from Victoria University from a Bachelor of Education.

    Since her graduation, Ms Evette has worked in many teaching positions within Victorian schools. She loves teaching. This year, she hopes that her dedication can be reflected in the way that students embrace the joy of learning through activities and learning opportunities that will allow them to become independent and enthusiastic learners for life.

    Evette Armstrong
  • Khadejah Ghafari

    Year 2C Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Khadejah

    Ms Khadejah joined the Al Siraat family in 2017. She graduated from La Trobe University in 2016, with a Bachelor of Teaching (Primary).

    Ms Khadejah is passionate in assisting each child to grow, by providing an academic and Islamic environment where they can develop to their natural and full potential. It is her pleasure to welcome you and hope and pray to Allah (swt) that you will be as excited as her about this year's learning journey.

    Khadejah Ghafari
  • Fowzia Omer

    Year 2D Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Fowzia

    Fowzia Omer
  • Shefali Shaha

    Year 3A Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Shefali

    My name is Mrs Shefali Shaha and I joined the Al Siraat family in 2017. Previously, I worked at Essendon Primary School as a grade 3/4 teacher and was heading the Department of Intercultural Understanding. I am greatly looking forward to teaching at Al Siraat.

    I am delighted to announce that I am the Year 3A homegroup teacher to create a great learning journey together with my students, parents and my colleagues at Al Siraat.

    Shefali Shaha
  • Katherine Gatt

    Year 3B Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Katherine

    Katherine Gatt
  • Annette Ferrao

    Year 3C Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Annette

    Mrs Annette Ferrao has joined the Al Siraat family in 2014.

    She is passionate about teaching and learning as it enables her to enhance moral values among students to guide them in making right choices. Her teaching philosophy entail mutual respect underpinning her relationship with all her students, parents and colleagues.

    As a teacher, her main goal is to motivate students to do their best academically in a positive and safe learning environment as well as be valuable citizens of Australia.

    Annette Ferrao
  • Maysam Abdallah

    Year 4A Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Maysam

    Maysam Abdallah
  • Hawa Hassan

    Year 4B Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Hawa

    Hawa Hassan
  • Gulcan Ayvaz

    Year 4C Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Gulcan

    Ms Gulcan is delighted to be part of the Al Siraat family. She has been teaching for over 10 years now, having taught many students within the primary years of Foundation to Year 6.

    In the past, she was employed as a Specialist teacher, having worked in the Islamic Studies, Art and ESL departments. As of 2016, she has been working as a classroom teacher in the early years. This year, she has been given the opportunity to teach the oldest of the early years bunch at Al Siraat, the Year 4’s, which has been a pleasing experience to her so far.

    Ms Gulcan graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree from Victoria University and completed further studies at the University of Wollongong to obtain the Graduate Diploma in TESOL.

    Ms Gulcan believes that every child has the ability to reach their full potential as long as they are given the opportunity. Her passion of teaching continues to meet the needs of all students by knowing who they are and personalizing the learning journey to engage them every step of the way. Ms Gulcan is looking forward to nurturing our future Muslim generations in a wonderful Islamic environment.

    Gulcan Ayvaz
  • Samira Naser

    Hifz A Homegroup Teacher Primary Islamic Studies Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Samira

    My name is Mrs Samira Naser and I joined Alsiraat College in 2017. I am very excited to be part of such a dynamic and quickly developing school. I graduated from Bachelor of Science at Monash University and then completed a Graduate Diploma in Teaching.

    I started teaching in 1999 and has since developed a passion to working with children. I taught children at almost all levels of primary and thoroughly enjoy it. For me the most rewarding aspect of being a teacher is the relationship I build with children that lasts beyond their schooling years.

    I am looking forward to a year full of learning opportunities for both the students and myself. I am committed to supporting my students by building good rapport with them and by providing with plenty of encouragement. At Al Siraat, I am also hoping to further develop my teaching skills and knowledge as well as building connection with the school community.

    Samira Naser
  • Arwa Abboud

    Arabic Teacher Junior Years Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Arwa

    Arwa Abboud