Learning Enrichment Accelerated Program

Updated June 2024

We are pleased to announce our LEAP Learning Enrichment Accelerated Program 2025 for students of Year 7 (Enrolment for 2025). LEAP, short for "Learning Enrichment Accelerated Program", is a challenging program focused on rigorous and accelerated content that aims to extend and enrich students in their key learning areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Inquiry. This program is open to students who are academically strong, highly motivated and with excellent work ethic.

A limited number of places are available for Year 7 LEAP entry for the following year. Testing for these places is open to both Al Siraat as well as external students currently enrolled in Year 6. Please note that LEAP classes are a co-educational stream for each year level.

Parents and prospective students need to be aware that acceptance into the program is based on an external exam (ACER High Ability Selection Test) to meet LEAP program entry requirements. After results have been received, successful applicants will be contacted to go through a formal interview. Students selected in LEAP are required to be part of the program from Year 7 to 9.


Current Year 6 students can now register for the ACER HAST test to be considered for the LEAP program in 2025 if you are in Year 6 entering to Year 7 (Enrolment for 2025).

Key Information

  • Applications Closed: Friday, 7 June 2024
  • Test Date: Friday, 28 June 2024 (Student Free Day)
  • Time : 9am to 12pm
  • Application Fee: $95
  • Test Type: ACER HAST
  • Venue: Al Siraat College.

For more information on ACER HAST Testing, please click the links below and read the related publication below:

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  • Shahidah Osman Head of Learning Enrichment LEAP and TOM Coordinator Phone 03 9407 7003 Email Shahidah Shahidah Osman