LOTE – Arabic in Years 7 to 9

Updated December 2019

Arabic in Years 7 to 9 is delivered in a streamed structure. Students' are assessed and then placed in cross-age groups. Arabic is taught for 80 minutes each week, however, there are cross links with the studies of Quran and Islamic Studies that supplement the core Arabic instruction.

Arabic is offered as an elective in Year 10. All electives are decided based on student interest and only classes with sufficient interest are conducted for the year.

In Term One, the students studied introductions and greetings. They learnt how to conduct a basic conversation in Arabic with their friends. They covered the Arabic numbers from 1-20; some students even explored larger numbers from 20-100. They studied several countries in Arabic and learnt how to say their nationality in Arabic. They also learnt the colours and applied them to masculine and feminine nouns.

The theme for Term Two was My family. The students researched various family members and learnt their names in Arabic and practiced them in their conversations. The students also studied the Arabic demonstrative pronouns for far and near.

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