Middle Years Homegroup Teachers

Updated October 2018
  • Kashifa Harvey

    Year 5-6G1 Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Kashifa

    Kashifa Harvey
  • Mariam Khattab

    Year 5-6G2 Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Mariam

    Ms Mariam Khattab is pleased to be a part of the Al Siraat College community. She graduated from Victoria University with a post graduate degree in Education.

    Prior to embarking on her teaching journey, she completed a Bachelor in Youth Work and have always been passionate in supporting and educating our Muslim youth. She believes every student has their own unique skill set and with guidance and direction will succeed.

    As a teacher, her aim is to ensure every student has a positive and happy school experience.

    Mariam Khattab
  • Amanee Assafiri

    Year 5-6G3 Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Amanee

    My name is Ms Amanee Assafiri and I have excitedly joined the Al Siraat family in 2017. I graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) majoring in English.

    Prior to my teaching journey, I was employed at La Trobe and worked alongside the Universities extension studies program, VCE Plus. Whilst working on VCE Plus, I was able to run many workshops and events with students commencing their VCE, providing them with any support and guidance that they needed.

    Working on the program over the last three years has further confirmed my passion for teaching and learning. It has assisted me in understanding the importance of creating and maintaining strong relationships with all students.

    I’m incredibly excited to continue my teaching career with the Al Siraat team, and hope to make a positive and empowering impact on my students.

    Amanee Assafiri
  • Syed Fareed Abdul Manaf

    Year 5-6B1 Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Syed Fareed

    Syed Fareed joined the Al Siraat family in 2018. He started his teaching career in Singapore in 2006. Prior to joining the College, Syed held the position of Head of Department for Mathematics at a school in Singapore.

    Syed graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance & Marketing) and a Master of Commerce (Finance & Banking). He completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Education at the Nanyang Technological University (National Institute of Education, Singapore).

    Syed believes in helping students to discover their own talents and realise their full potential by providing a stimulating learning environment. He also believes that moulding each child’s character is key in helping the students achieve success. With a strong passion for teaching, Syed looks forward to a rewarding year at Al Siraat.

    Syed Fareed Abdul Manaf
  • Jamal Abou-Eid

    Year 5-6B2 Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Jamal

    Mr Abou-Eid joined Al Siraat in 2017. Prior to this year, he had been teaching for over 18 years. This year, he has taken on on a new role as Year 5/6 boys' teacher at the College.

    Teaching has been such a fulfilling profession and he aspires to continue to impart knowledge to the future generation at Al Siraat. He aims to make your children’s learning as beneficial as possible so that they can be prepared to make their way through life in a moral and productive manner.

    Jamal Abou-Eid
  • Adel Ayoubi

    Year 5-6B3 Homegroup Teacher Primary PE Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Adel

    My name is Mr Adel Ayoubi and this is my third year at Al Siraat College, having previously taught Year 4.

    As for my background, I was born and raised in Australia however both of my parents are Lebanese. I graduated from Victoria University having completed my Bachelors in Education. I am also a coach for Australian rules football and will be going into my 6th year of coaching alongside my father.

    Teaching is a strong passion of mine. It gives me pride to see our Muslim children slowly grow up to be great leaders and members of our community whilst representing their faith.

    Adel Ayoubi
  • Cheryl Becker

    Hifz B Homegroup Teacher Team Leader (Years 5-6 and Hifz B) Phone 03 9407 7030 Email Cheryl

    Dip Ed (Melbourne) B.Ed (RMIT)

    My name is Ms Cheryl and I have been teaching at Al Siraat College since 2011. This year, I am the home room teacher to the wonderful Year 5 and 6 Hifz students. However, I am also pleased to announce that I have accepted the position of Team Leader for Years 5 and 6. As Team Leader, my responsibilities include looking after the pastoral care of all Year 5 and 6 students and ensuring that everyone behaves in a dignified and positive way.

    I graduated with a Diploma of Teaching in 1986 and a Bachelor of Education in 1991. I started my teaching career at the Australian International Academy (AIA) in 1988. During my 12 years at the Academy, I taught all Primary levels and held a wide variety of positions of responsibility. After leaving AIA, I taught at a State school in the Inner Melbourne suburbs, I ceased work for a short while to raise a family.

    I believe that I bring a variety of skills and many years of experience and knowledge to the classroom and enjoy playing an important role in guiding students towards being life – long learners. I look forward to working with you and the Year 5 and 6 Hifz teachers to ensure that 2018 is a rewarding year for us all.

    Cheryl Becker
  • Noori Ahmad

    Year 7G1 Homegroup Teacher Science/Maths SRC Co-ordinator Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Noori

    Noori Ahmad
  • Amal Ibrahim

    Year 7G2 Homegroup Teacher English/Humanities Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Amal

    Amal Ibrahim
  • Sara Mkayali

    Quran Year 7G2 Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Sara

    Sara Mkayali
  • Iszal Bin Ismail

    Year 7B1 Homegroup Teacher Specialist Teacher Technology/Robotics Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Iszal

    Mr Iszal joined Al Siraat College at the start of 2018.

    Prior to this, he taught in Singapore for the past 15 years. Having taught students of diverse background, he is passionate to assist in developing the students at Al Siraat College. Mr Iszal is excited to share his wealth of knowledge and experience in building the character of his charges.

    Iszal Bin Ismail
  • Shameseddin Suliman

    Quran Year 7B1 Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Shameseddin

    Shameseddin Suliman
  • Muhlis Karaman

    Year 7B2 Homegroup Teacher Maths/Science Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Muhlis

    Muhlis Karaman
  • Riaz Mohamed Abdulkader

    Year 8G1 Homegroup Teacher Humanities Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Riaz

    Riaz Mohamed Abdul Kader is a MIPA (Member of The Institute of Public Accountants), Registered Teacher VIT, M.Sc Finance (IIUM), Masters in Teaching Practice (RMIT), Grad. Cert in Career education and development (RMIT).

    Riaz has a passion for on going learning and strongly believe in developing authentic learning experiences for students. I have a special interest in students with special and additional needs and find great satisfaction in helping them.

    Riaz Mohamed Abdulkader
  • Michelle Scherret

    Specialist Teacher Technology Year 8G1 Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Michelle

    Michelle joined the Al Siraat family in 2016 as a Technology Teacher after moving from country NSW with her family. She brings with her a wealth of experience after 25 years working in the hospitality industry. Michelle successfully owned and operated her own restaurant and café during that time and enjoys sharing her experiences and knowledge with the Food Technology students.

    Michelle holds a Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary), a Bachelor of Business Studies and a Diploma in Hotel Management. This year, she is looking forward to enjoying the wonderful state of the art facilities in both the Food Technology Kitchen and the Textiles room.

    Michelle Scherret
  • Safiye Asanova

    Specialist Teacher PE/Health Year 8G2 Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Safiye

    Safiye Asanova
  • Munib Arshad

    Year 8B1 Homegroup Teacher Science/PE Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Munib

    Munib Arshad
  • Sevdet Bektash

    Specialist Teacher PE/Health/VET Year 8B2 Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7018 Email Sevdet

    With Allah’s grace and blessing, Sevdet joined Al Siraat College as the Head of Physical Education & Health in January 2015 with over 10 years of experience working in youth programs, the last 5 of those years in education. Alhamdulillah.

    Sevdet has grown up with a passion to organise and develop programs. Prior to his years working in education, he has had unique work experience facilitating sport and recreation programs for young male and female offenders in the Parkville Youth Justice Precinct.

    Sevdet has also had many camping experiences, coordinating leadership programs and camps for youth living in Carlton, as well as young male offenders from within the Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre.

    Sevdet aims to contribute his experience and enthusiasm for sports and camps to the College in an effort to help build well rounded sports students, who can participate in community sports for good health and leisure beyond their schooling lives, inShaAllah.

    Sevdet Bektash
  • Dilek Komser

    Year 9G1 Homegroup Teacher Science/Maths Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Dilek

    Dilek joined the Alsiraat family as a Junior Secondary Mathematics and Science teacher in 2014. She has a Bachelor of Science, with majors in Physiology and Pathology, and a Master of Teaching both from the University of Melbourne.

    She has since been a passionate and dedicated Year 7 to 10 Science and VCE biology teacher, continuously working hard to close the achievement gap between boys and girls. She is advocate of problem based learning, as well as collaborative learning, which she believes is the key to achievement across all disciplines. Her ultimate goal is to build a sense of desire for continual learning, both in and outside of the classroom.

    She looks forward to another rewarding year at Al Siraat, seeing her students achieve their best both this year with her Year 12 students in Biology and in the coming years. It has been a pleasure working with such dedicated staff at Al Siraat college who have the same goals and aspirations for the students.

    Dilek Komser
  • Leeann Engblom

    Year 9G2 Homegroup Teacher English Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Leeann

    Leeann Engblom
  • Hend Eissa

    Head of Humanities Year 9G2 Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Hend

    Hend Eissa
  • Asim Malik

    Quran / Islamic Studies / LOTE Year 9B1 Hpmegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Asim

    Asim Malik
  • Mohamed "Sophiandy" Sopali

    Year 9B1 Homegroup Teacher English Email Mohamed "Sophiandy"

    Mr Sophiandy joined Al Siraat College in July 2017. For the past 15 years, Mr Sophiandy has taught in 4 different faith-based schools in Singapore and Australia.

    With English and History as his forte, he is passionate in supporting students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. A firm believer in life-long learning, Mr Sophiandy is currently pursuing his 2nd Master’s degree at the University of Melbourne, specialising in multicultural education and special needs education.

  • Vis Naidu

    Head of Middle Years (5 - 9) Phone 03 9407 7010 Email Vis

    B.A., UHDE, HONS (SA)

    Vis Naidu is the Head of Middle Years at the Al Siraat College in Epping, Victoria. He was born and educated in South Africa with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Diploma in Teaching and an Honours Degree in Psychology.

    He started his teaching in 1986 and was actively involved in the transformation of the political landscape in South Africa in1994. After teaching for 18 years in South Africa, he decided it was time for a change and moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2004.

    Vis has also taught in London, gaining valuable knowledge and experience as a secondary teacher (GCSE) of English. In Australia, he took up a position at a Catholic College in Kilmore, Victoria, teaching VCE Psychology and English. He joined Al Siraat at the beginning of 2012 with the aim of helping to build the College into a reputable institute of learning.

    Vis Naidu