Mud on Road and Illegal Parking

Updated June 2019

The College has received the following notification from Whittlesea Council:

"We have had a report of mud on Harvest Home Road allegedly as a result of school parents parking on wet nature strips. Can you please advise parents that this is illegal and has the potential to create hazardous conditions for drivers and pedestrians (school children).

Please advise them that if the practice continues we may have to send out our Local Laws officers to take enforcement action to ensure the road is safe for all.

We are also aware of other developments depositing mud on the road and we are attending to this."

To avoid this practice:

  • Use the designated parking areas at the front
  • Alternatively park in the housing estate and walk through to the College
  • If you have older children, get them to meet you at a predetermined point in the estate

We have also had some of our neighbours and staff concerned about students crossing the road in front of the College. We have a manned pedestrian crossing which is the safest option-please use this crossing as Bindt’s road is now opened and it is an unsafe practice for children and parents to cross at other areas.

Al Siraat promotes the safety, welfare and wellbeing of our students.