New Ramadan Timetable Links: Concerns and Resolutions

Updated August 2020

There has been some confusion with links in the timetables not working this Monday morning, 27 April 2020. The issues are:

  • 1. The circle time has not yet been added to Google classroom and we will send the code for that as soon as possible in sha Allah.
  • 2. The Quran link takes you to the home page of Google classroom and not the actual class-you will need to go to the link in the Google classroom (please watch the second video below.)
  • 3. You need to ensure that you have added all the google classes to Google classroom-please watch the videos and the codes have been sent out over the last 2 weeks.

Helpful Instructional Videos

  • Leah Hamel Head of Operations & Compliance Child Safety Senior Officer Phone (03) 9407 7000 Email Leah Leah Hamel