Our Identity, Vision, Mission and Values

Updated April 2024

Our Identity

We are an Australian school in the Islamic Tradition.

Our Vision

Transform how we think and act in ways that are truly inspiring.

It is important to note that we are not responsible for achieving our vision, rather we are responsible for making an effort to achieve it. This recognises the belief in the Islamic Tradition that we are not able to change people – that is the job of The Creator. Our role is to make the required effort and pray for positive changes.

Our Mission

Develop enlightened individuals of learning and character.

The name of Al Siraat means ‘the path’ – which denotes the path from learning to character. This mission is embedded into our foundations and DNA.

Our Values

We enact our school philosophy by living our values.

We value:

  • Living Islam (informs the way live our life)
  • Respectful Relationships (informs the way we interact and deal with other)
  • Real Life Learning (informs the way we teach and learn)
  • Responsible Citizenship (informs the way we walk the earth)
  • It Starts With Me (informs how we change the world)

Al Siraat College supports and promotes the principles and practice of Australian Democracy, including a commitment to: elected Government; the rule of law; equal rights for all before the law; freedom of religion; freedom of speech and association and the values of openness and tolerance.

Child Safety and Wellbeing Statement

All children and young people who come to Al Siraat College have a right to feel and be safe.

We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. We are committed to providing a child safe and child friendly environment, where children and young people are safe and feel safe and are able to actively participate in decisions that affect their lives. This includes students with a disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, vulnerable children and children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

We have a zero tolerance for child abuse and other harm and are committed to acting in students’ best interests and keeping them safe from harm. The College regards its child protection responsibilities with the utmost importance and is committed to providing the necessary resources to ensure compliance with all relevant child protection laws and regulations and maintaining a child safe culture.

Each member of the College community has a responsibility to understand the important and specific role that they play individually, and collectively, to ensure that the wellbeing and safety of all students is at the forefront of all that they do, and every decision that they make.

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