Religion Seminars

Updated December 2019

There are special Islamic seminars or workshops held for both school community members as well as the general public. We believe that knowledge will make worship more meaningful and this is the reason we invest in running these seminars.

This year we have so far covered sessions on prayers, wudhu, as well as parenting skills. In the past we have had guest speakers deliver sessions for preparing for Ramadan, the Seerah (life) of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and weekly discussion groups to support with raising young Muslims in an Australian context.

Later this term we will be running the second popular session on Raising Sons for Fathers. If there is a topic you are interested in finding out about, then feel free to send an email to and we will organise a suitable session time for it.

Please mark Saturday 1 August 2015 in your calendars now, because we have a very special half day program being held by Dr Abdalla from Brisbane on broadening our understanding of Islam especially in relation to the Australian context. Dr Abdalla is an Islamic leader who is active in promoting a better understanding of Islam in the broader Australian community and is often invited by Government officials and the media to positively advocate for the Muslims. You may find more information about Dr Abdalla by Clicking here.

This seminar will be relevant for people of all backgrounds and levels of Islamic practice. Information on how to register for this program is attached. Those of you who have seen him speak in the past will definitely not want to miss this opportunity!