School Co-ordinators

Updated October 2018
  • Melike Yildirim

    Junior Years Pastoral Team Lead Phone 03 9407 7032 Email Melike

    Ms Melike Yildirim graduated from LaTrobe University in 2009, and gained 4 years of teaching experience at various Islamic schools across Melbourne. She joined Al Siraat College as a Year 6 girls' teacher in 2016.

    Ms Melike’s role at the College has recently changed and she has been appointed the role of Pastoral Care Team Lead for the Junior Years (F - 4). Her role encompasses various areas, however her main duties are to liaise with teachers, students and their parents in order to ensure that they are exhibiting good morals, values and behaviours.

    Her passion for teaching the youth stems from the desire to educate them to be proud Australian Muslims who contribute positively to their surroundings, be good influences within their communities and in general be kind to others, inShaAllah.

    Melike Yildirim
  • Fatema Faoual

    Middle Years Boys' Co-ordinator Secondary Teacher VET Business Studies Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Fatema

    Ms Fatema Faoual joined Alsiraat College in 2016. She is passionate about instilling the love of lifelong learning in our students.

    Her passion to connect learning to the real world encourages her students to develop essential skills and knowledge needed to become active and informed citizens in society.

    Prior to teaching, she worked in corporate organisations for over 10 years in a range of roles such as Regional Manager, Recruitment Manager and Trainer. Ms Fatema is dedicated to providing a safe, supportive and challenging environment that allows every student to achieve their personal best.

    Fatema Faoual
  • Aseel Tebeileh

    Senior Years Co-ordinator Careers Advisor Humanities Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Aseel

    Bachelor of Business (Management) Monash University, Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) University of New England.

    Commencing her role as the Senior Year’s Co-ordinator and Careers Adviser at Al Siraat College, Ms Aseel is driven and passionate about mentoring and guiding students to realise and achieve their potential. She strives to create a nurturing and caring environment for all students and is a strong advocate of applying restorative practices in building positive student relationships.

    Ms Aseel’s role also includes guiding students in making an informed decision about future pathways and careers.

    Aseel Tebeileh