Specialist Teachers

Updated September 2018
  • Suffian Amin

    Head of Art and Technology Technology/Electives Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Suffian

    MEd (Curriculum & Teaching), PGDEd, BEng (Hons)

    Suffian Amin is the Head of Art at Al Siraat College. He began his teaching career in Singapore and taught GCSE Design & Technology (D&T). Prior to his appointment at Al Siraat College, Suffian held the position of Year Head and Subject Head at the school.

    Suffian is very passionate on design education and its role in promoting critical and creative thinking in students. He was actively involved in curriculum planning and professional development of D&T educators with Ministry of Education and Nanyang Technological University (National Institute of Education) in Singapore. In 2014, Suffian wrote a chapter, “The Nature of Intuition in Design” in a book “Disciplinary Intuitions and the Design of Learning Environment (Lim, 2014)”. In addition, he co-wrote a paper titled ‘Experiential Design – insights into its focus’ in 2011.

    Suffian moved to Melbourne in 2014 in pursuit of a new challenge. He believes that education is a pivotal enabler for social mobility and that every child can learn. He is very happy to be part of the Al Siraat community and looks forward to nurturing and moulding the bright and young minds in our school.

    Suffian graduated with Master of Education specialising in Curriculum and Teaching, a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore).

    Suffian Amin
  • Iszal Bin Ismail

    Year 7B1 Homegroup Teacher Specialist Teacher Technology/Robotics Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Iszal

    Mr Iszal joined Al Siraat College at the start of 2018.

    Prior to this, he taught in Singapore for the past 15 years. Having taught students of diverse background, he is passionate to assist in developing the students at Al Siraat College. Mr Iszal is excited to share his wealth of knowledge and experience in building the character of his charges.

    Iszal Bin Ismail
  • Layal Tannous

    Head of PE/Sport PE/Health Year 11G1 Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7018 Email Layal

    Layal Tannous
  • Sevdet Bektash

    Specialist Teacher PE/Health/VET Year 8B2 Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7018 Email Sevdet

    With Allah’s grace and blessing, Sevdet joined Al Siraat College as the Head of Physical Education & Health in January 2015 with over 10 years of experience working in youth programs, the last 5 of those years in education. Alhamdulillah.

    Sevdet has grown up with a passion to organise and develop programs. Prior to his years working in education, he has had unique work experience facilitating sport and recreation programs for young male and female offenders in the Parkville Youth Justice Precinct.

    Sevdet has also had many camping experiences, coordinating leadership programs and camps for youth living in Carlton, as well as young male offenders from within the Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre.

    Sevdet aims to contribute his experience and enthusiasm for sports and camps to the College in an effort to help build well rounded sports students, who can participate in community sports for good health and leisure beyond their schooling lives, inShaAllah.

    Sevdet Bektash
  • Daniel Saleh

    Specialist Teacher PE/Sports Co-ordinator Phone 03 9407 7013 Email Daniel

    Daniel Saleh studied Physical Education/ Health at RMIT for 5 years. His interests are being physically active, eating nutritious foods, exploring new sites and learning new things.

    Daniel joined Al Siraat Collage in 2012 and has established our Physical Education department. He organised sports days, fundraisers, walk/ride to school days, inviting famous sporting players to Al Siraat and getting involved in interschool sports. He has also started an after school soccer program called "One Ummah, Soccer Academy of Excellence".

    He is enthusiastic, energetic, competitive, and a caring and respectful teacher. Daniel promotes appreciation of school among students and to take Physical Education as a privilege of learning in a fun and practical way. The goals, which he strives towards, are to pass on his knowledge to future generations so they can use and apply what they have learnt in school and the future.

    When Daniel was at High School, his Physical Education teacher was very highly respected by all students, parents and teachers, and was a great role model, which influenced him to become a Physical Education teacher himself. Creating a safe and positive environment for students to enjoy school and encourage them to always try their best at anything they do is a goal that he will try to accomplish to the best of his ability.

    Daniel Saleh
  • David Kinsella

    Specialist Teacher PE/Health & Humanities Phone 03 9407 7018 Email David

    My name is Mr David Kinsella. I am a Primary Physical Education (PE) teacher and also teach Year 12 VCE Health and Human Development.

    My journey at Al Siraat College started in 2017. I love teaching our amazing students, learning about their interests and faith.

    Seeing improvement in the student is what motivates me most and to see them participating and having fun. One day I hope to set up a Cricket Academy at Al Siraat.

    David Kinsella
  • Safiye Asanova

    Specialist Teacher PE/Health Year 8G2 Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Safiye

    Safiye Asanova
  • Munib Arshad

    Year 8B1 Homegroup Teacher Science/PE Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Munib

    Munib Arshad
  • Stamatia Spiliotis

    Specialist Teacher Art Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Stamatia

    Stamatia joined Al Siraat Collage in 2013 and has established our art department. She has organised internal and external school art exhibitions. Stamatia has also developed and taught technology subjects at Al Siraat.

    She has taught in public, alternative and private schools and enjoys working with and encouraging students to build their self -confidence, motivation, engagement, and artistic and creative skills.

    Stamatia has expertise in studio arts: photography, printmaking, ceramics and drawing. She has also managed her own business in the food industry.

    In future she aims to offer ceramics, drawing, printmaking, and painting as VCE electives, in order to prepare students for professional careers beyond school life.

    Stamatia Spiliotis
  • Nishani Sooknandan

    Specialist Teacher Art Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Nishani

    Masters. ECAP., B. App. Sc., B. Ed

    Nishani holds a Masters in Experiential and Creative Arts Practice (Arts Therapy), Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology and Health) and a Bachelor of Education.

    She has also been working as a Creative Arts Therapist and Counsellor for ISEAU Creative Arts Therapy & Counselling and Bluebird House substance abuse Rehabilitation Centre.

    In previous roles, Nishani has worked as a generalist teacher and Visual Arts teacher in both the private and public education sector. She has also worked as the Pastoral Care Coordinator for Mowbray College, where she worked individually with students and ran various workshops in Student Welfare. Nishani has organised a variety of whole school events such as Harmony Day, Bully busters program, Round Square workshops and conferences. She has also designed and implemented Friendship and Anti-Bullying workshops as well as special needs focused programs for students experiencing bereavement, the effects of divorce and separation, self esteem issues and anxiety.

    Nishani has worked with both students and adults and has assisted them in their personal growth, self awareness, self understanding and resilience building. She has also written a research article called ‘An inquiry into the experience of Acceptance’ through The Miecat Institute (Melbourne Institute of experiential and creative arts therapy) in 2015.

    Nishani is available by email if you wish to contact her regarding your child’s art development and/or social- emotional growth or concerns.

    Nishani Sooknandan
  • Gulsen Alhucema

    Specialist Teacher Art Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Gulsen

    Gulsen Alhucema
  • Michelle Scherret

    Specialist Teacher Technology Year 8G1 Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Michelle

    Michelle joined the Al Siraat family in 2016 as a Technology Teacher after moving from country NSW with her family. She brings with her a wealth of experience after 25 years working in the hospitality industry. Michelle successfully owned and operated her own restaurant and café during that time and enjoys sharing her experiences and knowledge with the Food Technology students.

    Michelle holds a Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary), a Bachelor of Business Studies and a Diploma in Hotel Management. This year, she is looking forward to enjoying the wonderful state of the art facilities in both the Food Technology Kitchen and the Textiles room.

    Michelle Scherret
  • Sabrija Arifoski

    Food Tech Assistant Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Sabrija

    Sabrija Arifoski
  • Bajram Arifoski

    Technology Technician Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Bajram

    Bajram Arifoski
  • Hanifa Achmad

    Laboratory Technician Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Hanifa

    Ms Hanifa Achmad joined Al Siraat College in 2014 as Lab Technician.

    You will often see her in her white lab coat and goggles in the TEAMS building's lab preparation area, testing and getting experiments ready for classes.

    Hanifa Achmad