Sports at Al Siraat

Updated February 2019

The sports programme is included in the Physical Education curriculum. During the year we have a number of Sport incursions, special visitors and activities. The College actively participates in sporting competitions available. As the College enrolment grows we plan to join established school sporting associations and have regular competitive sport.

VCE Sports and Recreation: Coaching Practice

As part of the elective unit requirement (Develop and Update Knowledge of Coaching Practices) for the VCE VET Sport and Recreation class, students worked collaboratively in small groups to prepare and deliver primary fundamental skill coaching sessions. This program will be delivered for the remainder of Term 1 and continue for the first five weeks of Term 2.

Supervising teachers were overwhelmed in excitement of what they witnessed, as VET students made positive interactions with their Year Foundation participants. Students were active, having fun and learning. This was truly a reflection of both parties, as the coach and participant were in the learning process together.

Immediately after the delivery of the first session, students gathered and reflected on the outcomes. One group leader made notes on the whiteboard during the reflection session. Furthermore, VET Students arrived to the realization that coaching is hard work and requires a lot of energy, which in turn gave them a greater appreciation of the work teachers do.

Tennis Program (Term 2)

The PE/Sports Department of the College has introduced a tennis program for our female and male students from Years 5 to 10 this term.

Students have started with their tennis lessons this week. In the absence of tennis courts on site, the students are taken to the public tennis courts at Prism Park in Epping by school bus where they can spread out and make use of the four courts and lighting. The students will be introduced to basic tennis skills such as hitting and serving while our PE teachers ensure the kids are having a great time.

More photos to come soon.

Footy Fever at Al Siraat

Just as the AFL season has started, Al Siraat welcomed four Carlton players to speak to our Junior and Senior students about the life of a professional footballer.

Players Sam Docherty, Jayden Foster, Ciarán Byme and Bryce Gibbs excited the students with their presence and passed on some tips on how to kick a goal in footy. All students got the chance to ask the players questions, get autographs and play a friendly footy match with them.

The smiles on the students' faces said it all. Thank you to the Carlton Football Club, in conjunction with AFL Victoria and the AFL, for facilitating this visit, and a huge thanks to Sam, Jayden, Ciarán and Bryce for making the trip to Al Siraat.