Teething Issues

Updated April 2020

Welcome to our first day of Online Learning. We know that you may be experiencing issues in relation to accessing our online learning systems.

We are experiencing very high call volumes and may not be able to answer your query straight away. Please be patient – we will get your queries resolved soon. Please see the answers to common queries we are receiving.

Passwords are not working – Google Classroom and Showbie (For Primary School Only)

A Google account has been setup for students with your student’s school email address. Usernames and passwords were emailed to you overnight. The password needs to be entered without spaces and has a full stop (.) at the end. If you are still experiencing issues, please email us on cc@alsiraat.vic.edu.au.

I don’t have a Zoom link

As you may be having issues in accessing Google Classroom (which is where we normally have the zoom link for the lessons), zoom links will be emailed to you by the teacher. If you have not received a zoom link from the teacher, please email the teacher and copy cc@alsiraat.vic.edu.au.

I have a Zoom Link, but it is not working

  • The Zoom link will only show a live class once the teacher starts the session. If you join before or after the class time, you will get a screen with a message that says “Please wait for the host to start this session”
  • We are also aware that some people are taking the Meeting ID from the link and trying to join the lesson on another device. Please note that a Meeting Password will also be required in addition to the Meeting ID. We will inform our staff to send out the meeting link, Meeting ID and Meeting password for each session. If you still cannot join, please email the teacher and copy cc@alsiraat.vic.edu.au.

Please use Google Chrome as your preferred browser.

We have not received any email or correspondence from the class teacher

In this case, please email the relevant class teacher and copy cc@alsiraat.vic.edu.au.

We did not receive the username and password for our child

Please check your junk mail and spam folders for emails that we have sent. This was sent overnight. In case you have not received this, email cc@alsiraat.vic.edu.au. Secondary students already have their username and password from Term 1.

We have not received the timetable for our child

  • PRIMARY: Timetables for Primary Years were emailed yesterday. In case you have not received this, email cc@alsiraat.vic.edu.au.
  • SECONDARY: Timetables remain the same as for Term 1, and are available in SEQTA.

I can’t setup the students email on an iPad or a device

It is not necessary for you to setup your child’s email on a device. We will not be sending them emails. The email usernames are only used for accessing systems, and we have our own systems to change passwords.

Class Dojo is not working

We understand that some parents may have had issues accessing Class Dojo. We also had trouble connecting, so there may have been some access issues. All educational systems are experiencing high demand and providers are adjusting to the increased traffic.

How do I access the Morning Assembly

The Morning Assembly will be conducted on Zoom (and not streamed to You Tube as mentioned in the Learning From Home Guides). A link was sent out at the last minute this morning by SMS, as our email servers went for an early morning tea! We will check the link and resend it to you.

What is this thing called the Waiting room in Zoom

Please refer to our Instructional Video. The Waiting Room is used as a security feature to ensure that students who join early are not ‘unsupervised’ until the teacher starts the lesson.

SEQTA Passwords are not working (Secondary):

This is the same password that your child used for Term 1. Please let them know as follows:

  • If you don't know your current password, but can still receive school emails on your iPad, click here to reset your password.
  • If you do know your old password and just want to change it to something else, please click here. You can only do this once per day.

VPN is not working on the iPad (Secondary):

The VPN will not work if your internet connection is down. Please check your internet connection. If you still have an issue, contact IT Support on 9407 7000 and select Option 1. (Our Call Centre will be closed until later today as we get through initial system setups.)

Students are chatting on Showbie and Zoom

The teacher has the ability to turn off chat in Showbie and Zoom. We understand that students will be keen to catch up and check in with each other. We will monitor the situation as per our classroom management protocols.

Any Other Queries

Please contact us on cc@alsiraat.vic.edu.au in the initial instance for any other queries.

You can also drop in to the IT Support window on campus from 8:00am to 4:30pm over the new few days. We have limited capacity to attend to calls.