Student Representative Council

Updated May 2017

Student Voice and Leadership is a valued and important part of our College. We work hard to engage all students in meaningful conversation about what we do well and how we can make Al Siraat College even better for all. Part of this engagement includes the formal Student Representative Council (SRC).

Our 2017 Junior and Senior Student Representatives have been announced, officially initiated and been handed their new SRC batches. Last year’s dedicated student representatives have successfully hand-over their responsibilities and duties to their predecessors and warmly welcomed all new Junior and Senior SRCs.

The College is delighted to partner with Whittlesea Youth Network and also receive private sponsorship to provide the SRC students with leadership development and opportunities.

Our SRCs are in high spirit to kick start 2017 with the skills and knowledge they have acquired from the induction and have already participated in various events during the first time of 2017! We are wishing our student leaders all the best for a success year ahead, inShaAllah.

Junior School SRCs

Year 3 and 4 students

  • 3A = Nawal Asim Jaleel and Hadia Rashid
  • 3B = Maya Liyana Pera and Layali Shawqy
  • 3C = Muhammad Arain and Abdullatif Friha
  • 4A = Ruqayya Wazze and Khaled El Nachar
  • 4B = Ayah Higazy and Zahra Al Aboudi
  • 4C = Aisha M. Ibrahim and Amirah Jumale
  • Hifz A : Shaima Yousuf

Year 5 and 6 students

  • 5A = Mariam Moeladawilah and Sarah Momin
  • 5B = Artin Ibrahim and Akram Mohamud
  • 6A = Rawa Adra and Mashal Hussain
  • 6B = Khalid Hussain and Badis Sai
  • Hifz B : Abdur-Rahman Khan

Senior School SRCs

Year 7 and 8 students

  • Fatima Al-Hussainy (7A1)
  • Eman Tiba (7A2)
  • Omer Mohamed (7B1)
  • Hamdan Yousef (7B2)
  • Allyah Shawqy (8A)
  • Hama Abbouchi (8B1)
  • Bilal Makram (8B2)

Year 9 and 10 students

  • Nadia Der Zermaki (9A)
  • Balaj Elahi (9B)
  • Hafsa Sarwar (10A)
  • Abubakar Sheeqey (10B)

Year 11 (VCE) students

  • Haneen Alzayadi (11A)
  • Nour Najem (11B)

College Captains

  • Mariam Afiouni (12A): School Captain
  • Sumaya Mahad Ali (12A): Vice Captain
  • Shahidah Osman Head of Junior School Email Shahidah Shahidah Osman
  • Vis Naidu Head of Senior School Years 7 to 9 Boys Coordinator Email Vis Vis Naidu

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