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  • Ladies Musallah CLOSED due to Renovations

    22 October 2018

    Extensive renovations have commenced in the sisters' side of the Musallah. The original barn part of our Musallah which is now the ladies' side, is currently undergoing a complete renovation from roof to floor. The beautiful outer bluestone walls of the Musallah will remain as they are heritage listed and protected. The works will… Read more

    Ladies Musallah CLOSED due to Renovations
  • Islamic Storytime Contributes to Time Capsule 2040

    6 August 2018

    Islamic Storytime contributed to the City of Whittlesea’s "Time Capsule" which is due to be reopened in 2040. The Children’s names and ages were included in the children’s artwork which will be digitally stored for decades. Islamic Storytime continues to be a popular program for mums & bubs both from within our school community and the… Read more

    Islamic Storytime Contributes to Time Capsule 2040
  • Qurban Project: Battle of the Spare Change

    2 August 2018

    We wish to welcome our community to contribute to this year’s Qurban Project, put together by the Peace Club Al Siraat students & Kadir Ors Foundation. Now is the perfect time to be generous and charitable with our wealth and seek Allah’s blessings. Please support us by making a donation using the money boxes placed in each of your… Read more

    Qurban Project: Battle of the Spare Change
  • Tarawih Prayers at Al Siraat

    15 May 2018

    The commencement of Tarawih prayers at Al Siraat is subject to moon sighting on Wednesday, 16 May 2018. - When: Wednesday night, 16 May. - Time: 7.30pm. - Where: Musallah Islamic Centre at Al Siraat College. The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, once mentioned Ramadan and said, "Do not start the fast or break it… Read more

    Tarawih Prayers at Al Siraat
  • “The Quran Explained” by Mufti Aasim

    7 May 2018

    Our weekly “The Quran Explained” Program with inspiring renowned speaker Mufti Aasim Rashid is on every Monday night 7.45pm at the Al Siraat College Musallah. Additional program details are available via link below. Please forward to your contacts and networks that would be interested in understanding the wisdoms of the Noble Quran. The… Read more

    “The Quran Explained” by Mufti Aasim
  • Jummah Prayer @ Al Siraat

    7 May 2018

    The weekly Friday prayer for our Al Siraat community has changed after the end of daylight saving. From Friday, 6 April onwards, the Jummah Salat is being held as follows: - Venue: Al Siraat Musallah. - Address: 45 Harvest Home Road, Epping VIC 3076. - TIME: 12pm. Sisters are welcome to pray in the ladies' section of the Musallah. Please… Read more

    Jummah Prayer @ Al Siraat
  • Islamic Storytime Celebrates Harmony Day

    21 March 2018

    Mums and bubs from our community had a wonderful session this morning celebrating Harmony Day. 🎉🎈. Children arrived in their traditional clothing or fancy shmancy clothing to celebrate the day. We shared stories and songs, had face painting for the kids and henna art for mums, plenty of balloons and bubbles, good food and good company… Read more

    Islamic Storytime Celebrates Harmony Day
  • Healthy Muslim 1.0: "The Power of Diet and Nutrition"

    9 March 2018

    We have identified a great interest in our community to understand what the Noble Qur’an and Sunnah of Rasulullah SAW say about diet and nutrition. Next week, we have a very interesting talk on this very topic by the our very own inspiring speaker, Mufti Aasim Rashid. He will be offering practical insights into how to become more fit and… Read more

    Healthy Muslim 1.0:
  • Islamic Storytime @ the Musallah

    20 February 2018

    The wait is over! It is with great pleasure that we announce the relaunch of Islamic Storytime @ The Musallah. Sessions start again in less than 2 weeks on this Wednesday, 21 February, running weekly in Term 1 with the very engaging Ms. Najma as the storyteller. We welcome mums and bubs to use this space to share an Islamic story or two… Read more

    Islamic Storytime @ the Musallah
  • Al Siraat Family Event: Qur'an Under The Stars"

    14 February 2018

    The Musallah Team of the College is excited to announce a family event for tomorrow, Saturday 17 February 2018: "Qur'an Under The Stars". This is an event to suit the whole family, with fun sport activities and light refreshments, followed by beautiful Qur'an recitations from various reciters qari and inspiring Islamic storytelling time… Read more

    Al Siraat Family Event: Qur'an Under The Stars
  • World Interfaith Harmony Week 2018

    9 February 2018

    Interfaith Harmony Week offers a wonderful platform for bringing people together to celebrate the diversity of faiths that make up our community. In celebrating Interfaith Harmony Week this year, Al Siraat together with Whittlesea and Darebin councils, the Whittlesea and Darebin Interfaith Networks, United Religions Initiative, Beacon of… Read more

    World Interfaith Harmony Week 2018
  • Summer Islamic Program 2018

    21 December 2017

    Al Siraat is proud to be hosting its inaugural "Summer Islamic Program" SIP, commencing at the College on Tuesday, 2 January, 2018: Use this summer to enrich yourself with a wealth of essential Islamic knowledge. Dive into specific areas of Tafsir, Hadith, Seerah, Tajweed and Islamic mannerism in this condensed course for anyone over the… Read more

    Summer Islamic Program 2018
  • Interfaith Leadership Excursion: Homeless Run

    24 November 2017

    Our Year 9 Interfaith Ambassadors made a trip to the city to find and speak with homeless people on the street. This was an eye opener for most of our students who had never previously spoken to someone in that situation. Earlier in the week, the students had prepared gift bags to hand out from donations that Ms Nurdan kindly arranged… Read more

    Interfaith Leadership Excursion: Homeless Run
  • 2017 Hajj Simulation

    31 August 2017

    Alhamdulillah, our students have had a magnificent time completing their Hajj Simulation. From the moment they started reciting the “Talbiyah”: - لَبَّيْكَ اللَّهُمَّ لَبَّيْكَ ، لَبَّيْكَ لَا شَرِيكَ لَكَ لَبَّيْكَ ، إِنَّ الْحَمْدَ والنِّعْمَةَ لَكَ وَالْمُلْكُ ، لَا شَرِيكَ لَكَ . - Labbayk Allahumma labbayk, labbayka la sharika laka… Read more

    2017 Hajj Simulation
  • Junior School: Hajj Simulation 2017

    15 August 2017

    We are fast approaching one of the most sacred times in the Islamic calendar, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca Hajj. In celebration of this very special time, we are once again running the Hajj Simulation for our Junior School students. The details are explained further below.Please take note that the Simulation will be conducted over 2… Read more

    Junior School: Hajj Simulation 2017
  • Al-Habib Kadhim’s Visit to the College

    11 August 2017

    Alhamdulillah, by Allah’s grace last Friday, 4 August 2017, Al Siraat College was honoured to host Islamic scholar Sayyidi Al-Habib Kadhim Al-Saqqaf visiting Australia from Tarim in Yemen. Habib Kadhim conducted the first community Friday prayer in our new Jummah Prayer Program. The shaykh’s message was not an intellectual one or with a… Read more

    Al-Habib Kadhim’s Visit to the College
  • Jummah Guest Speaker: Shaykh Habib Kadhim from Yemen

    31 July 2017

    Alhamdulillah, Al Siraat College is honoured to host Shaykh Habib Kadhim on our campus where he will be delivering the community sermon on this Friday, 4 August, from 12:30 – 1:15. He will be accompanied by Shaykh Ahmed Abdo from Sydney, a respected local scholar who is also a chaplain with the NSW Police Force. Shaykh Habib Kadhim bin… Read more

    Jummah Guest Speaker: Shaykh Habib Kadhim from Yemen
  • Barn to Mosque Charity Tin Drive

    21 July 2017

    Alhamdulillah, our "Barn to Mosque" fundraiser has been very successful, with many parents already returning their charity tins. May Allah reward all of you who so generously donated towards having the mosque built. You may imagine our surprise upon opening one of the returned charity tins and finding the incredible amount of $5,720… Read more

    Barn to Mosque Charity Tin Drive
  • Barn to Mosque: Inaugural Iftar Fundraising Dinner

    30 June 2017

    Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar!. Alhamdulillah, Allah has bestowed His blessings upon the inaugural ‘Barn to Mosque’ Iftar Fundraising Dinner. With over 130 adults and children in attendance, there was no doubt that moving forward our community support, coupled with corporate sponsorship, will help take the next step towards a… Read more

    Barn to Mosque: Inaugural Iftar Fundraising Dinner
  • Ramadan Chart: Week 3 Results

    29 June 2017

    The points for the THIRD week of the Ramadan Chart have been counted. The final results will be announced at the start of Term 3, inShaAllah. The Week 3 results are as follows: - Green House Mina: 12,198. - Blue House Arafat: 24,107. - Yellow House Marwa: 25,802. - Red House Safa: 33,810. Congratulations to House Safa for winning Week 3… Read more

    Ramadan Chart: Week 3 Results
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