Ilm and Hifz Students: Tarbiyyah & Taleemi Weekend

2 March 2023
Ilm and Hifz Students: Tarbiyyah & Taleemi Weekend

Our Primary and Secondary Ilm and Hifz boys went on a special weekend trip to visit the Islamic Society of Albury Wodonga to spend time at Albury Mosque. This spiritual journey took place from Friday, 24th March to Sunday, 26th March 2023 under the supervision of Sheikh Waseem and our male Hifz and Ilm teachers. Several fathers kindly volunteered their time as well to come along.

The students attended educational session and enjoyed spending time with their teachers and fathers. The group stayed in the masjid from Friday evening to Sunday evening where they all prayed and ate together which made for a wonderful time to bond and unite. The boys also went for a walk, played in the park and played soccer.

Furthermore, our students practiced Arabic in their communication, read stories from the Qur'an and enjoyed many spiritual talks by Sheikh Waseem.

With their male classmates away, our Hifz and Ilm girls also spent quality time with Ustadha Hafsa and Ustadha Nuha: The group spent a wonderful morning together having breakfast, attending salah and hijab workshops with their teachers as judges. They also prayed Salatul Tasbeeh. The Ilm girls were heard saying "We had a fun Saturday" with lots of laughs and great talks.

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