ILM Awards Ceremony 2023

12 December 2023
ILM Awards Ceremony 2023

The College hosted the end of the year awards ceremony for our esteemed ILM program on Monday, 11 December 2023, where we also welcomed new ILM students for the coming year.

The MC for this special ceremony was Shafiqah (ILM Level 1). The event started with the recitation of the Quran from Surah Al-Fatir by Aminah (ILM Level 1), followed by a Hadith recitation from the chapter of events and stories by Ghaisah (ILM Level 1). The program continued with a speech about Abdullah ibn Masood (ra). which was written and delivered by Zainab (ILM Level 1), followed by a saying from Abdullah ibn Masood (ra) spoken by Husni (ILM Level 1). The second speech was on Imam Shafi'i (ra) by Shaima (ILM Level 4), followed by a poem composed by Imam Shafi'i (ra) recited by Muawia (ILM Level 1). The third and final speech was on Imam Tahawi (ra), written and delivered by Zain Khan (ILM Level 4).

Ustadha Hafsa hosted a Kahoot quiz on the Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). Next, Sheikh Waseem spoke about the ILM program and its numerous benefits before Mr Fazeel and Ms Rahat shared words of wisdom to our students and presented the awards to our ILM students.

We celebrated our 3 ILM high achievers:

  • Shafiqah A'Ishah Baswedan (ILM Level 1)
  • Zaid Omer (ILM Level 3)
  • Zain Khan (ILM Level 4).

Congratulation to our "Most improved" student Ghaisah Khan (ILM Level 1) and Aminah Ahmad (ILM Level 1) and Shaima Hoque ((ILM Level 4) for Consistency. The award of "Hifz ul hadith" went to Muawia Ibrahim (ILM Level 1) while Abdullah Faisal (ILM Level 1) was awarded for "Punctuality". We had awards for Abdullah Mohammad (ILM Level 3) and Safia Mohammad (ILM Level 1) who went out of their way serving “Khidmah” for their teachers and students in our inaugural ILM camp in September.

Students were then invited to share their experience of the ILM program. Former student AbuBakar stated he "misses ILM so much and would love to come back to it“. Year 12 graduate Ayoub stated that "in the past 4 years of ILM, I have seen a positive change in myself”.

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Thanks were given to Principal Mr Fazeel, Ms Rahat, Sheikh Waseem and all ILM teachers. The event concluded with refreshments and lots of laughs and fun.